Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year - Let's Color it With Rainbow Colors

2011 has been a year full of bad incidents and disasters worldwide. Entering to 2012, I wish the world would become a better place for everybody to live, where full of life, full of dreams and hopes. If it does not happen that way, let's color it with rainbow color, not only for ourselves but also for people around us!!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Golden Girl–Elfas (Deva Dolls)


Elfas-the golden girlThis Elfas is a very special OOAK Deva Dolls to me.  Beside the fact that she is my very first Deva Dolls, this face mold has never been commercialized.  I bought it together with this stunning gown and golden shoes.  The original wig was a curly burgundy one with good volume.  But I wanted this set to be all in same tone, so I picked the Angie wig, necklace and earrings from the Sunset Rave Ayumi by Fashion Royalty. All the coordination turned out to be just perfect to me!  I could not be happier to see how this Elfas turned out to be – a truly Golden Girl!  She is stunningly gorgeous, so soft yet showing her attitude, shinning towards me all the way!







Picture Credit: Cliff CHAN

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2PM - The New Ficon Doll

What would you do at 2pm?

Most of us would start working after lunch, and start to work our head off for a penny. I would prefer to take and nap and let me day dream going. How about sneaking out for some quick impulsive shopping and slightly pamper myself with a take-away coffee (Latte please!) ? In my dreams!!! I know!! But Ficon seems to be the lucky girl. She does not only able to do her shopping but also able to have a coffee break before heading for high-tea at a deluxe hotel.


My Point of View
Ficon girl is evolving and getting better each time I see their new release. The make up is definitely getting better. She looks like a cover girl without being tacky , one of the ideal girls for wig play. However, the down side of Ficon to me is that her neck is too round and thick, and lack of details, she is also a bit too busty while her limbs are too skinny and long. With this body shape, I think casual wear like tight shirt, skinny jeans and ankle boots fits her more than over elaborated gowns that would show here limbs and neck.

Great Photography by Alex
This set of pictures are from Ficon’s website and taken by their official photographer, Alex (wow…I always love Alex’s works!). Alex is great on outdoor shooting using the natural light! She can always capture the beautiful side of a doll which I sometimes did not notice!

Below is the official description from

US720 (LE30) is kind of pricey, it levels with Sybarite and more expensive than Deva Dolls.

However, after checking the artists list, I think I can understand why.

  • Brown suede jacket
  • Hand washed skinny denim jeans with wine color belt
  • A knitted vest+sleeveless check shirts
  • Knitted hat and muffler
  • Leopard fur hobo bag
  • 2 Ficon shopping bag
  • Take out coffee cup
  • Sunglasses
  • Brown suede strapped ankle boots
 Artists List:
  •  make up:Yian & K
  • oufit design:Rhi
  • wig:Chewin 
  • shoes:Ko 
  • Knitted hat and muffler:Sherry

  2pm can be shipped after 6 weeks.

Picture credit: Ficon Doll (

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Display Showcase - Nostalgic Shots

I have this display showcase ever since I moved in this new house like 4 years ago. I arranged the display bit by bit whenever I feel like to. Many of the dolls in the pictures have already found their new homes, and plenty of the new ones have moved in after their departure! I should have done some photo shootings whenever I have changed the display. Anyway, before I could find time to take new pictures, here are some nostalgic shots!
fashion doll showcase 25096134655_d5d34e21fe 4868596526_8186e233ab5142274356_d9bf6fdd07_z5142274216_83fceabb47_z(1) 5142273744_b3f9818a3c
FR in cabinet4868594090_1457bd49f9_b4868594912_a6d7e35323_b5142274642_b188269652_b4954469910_44261587b5_zIMG_6642IMG_6647IMG_6845fr in showcaseIMG_7355OOAK Urban Gaisha US180fashion doll & action figure on showcaseTan PharateeTan Skin Tian Shi  Thewa prototype & tan Deva Dolls

chewin repaint Kyra          IMG_2511 

IMG_2515 IMG_2525 IMG_2527 IMG_6636

 Hot Property Nat US180

Picture credit: Cliff CHAN
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