Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fashion Doll Empire???

(Skye repaint by Chewin)(more pictures, please read all the way down to the bottom of this page)
I have been always thinking of opening up my own blog for my collection – fashion dolls. And I am glad that I have finally put it into action!! Thanks to my good friends and colleagues who know that I have such a passion towards fashion dolls for quite some years. They have been amazed by how I could admire a piece of plastic/vinyl from many perspectives that they could never thought of. So they said “why not starting a blog to share your excitement and pictures with the others and, especially to those like-minded?”

Like most of the collectors, I started my collection since I was kid. However, it never was fashion dolls. As far as I could remember that it began with TV characters, animation heroes and the Justice Leagues. But then with the wonderful information in the internet, I found a repainted
Sydney Chase (Tonner Robert) as an Indian beauty by chance one day. Her beauty totally haunted me for days, or I should say for weeks. That stunning repaint was so stunning that I began to follow the links in the website and then go deeper and deeper for a research. Since then I shifted my collection to fashion dolls. Without much time, I found the Shock Bon Bon Vanessa, Graphic Language Adele and Glam Slam Kyori of Fashion Royalty by Integrity later on. Then these girls captured all my attention! I have given up my action figures collections and spent all my devotion and every single dime saved for fashion dolls.
(Lation Aaron, BJD of 64cm tall)

(Some of my Charle's Angels - Fashion Royalty dolls)

In 2005, I had the luck to purchase a
Skye of Sybarite by Superfrock in UK. Sybarite is the kind of department store look-alike mannequin that I have ever dreamt of. Later, I also found Deva dolls by DHD Thailand. Wow… each of them has its own characteristic and attitudes. Now, I also have some bigger BJDs, namely Aarron by Iplehouse and Spinel Super Gem by Soom also. I don’t know where my collection would go in the future. But it is absolutely a wonderful journey so far (except not so wonderful for my wallet) !!!

(Sydney and Daphne are my favorite Tonner girls)

(Some more Tonner eyecandy)

As a matter of fact, several of my close friends were influenced by me and they also started to collect fashion dolls. Some of them even bypass my collection within a short period of time!!!

I wish this blog would be able to share my fashion dolls collection joy and excitement with my dear family, friends, colleagues and whoever is about to collect dolls or already a well experienced collectors.

(My favorite action figures - rare Asian face)

(These series "Ryutsu" triggered the boom of action figures in Hong Kong - all in different faces)

(This is Green Aarow, 1974 - the oldest doll in my collection)

FOR SALE, ask me if you are interested in him

(Six Million Dollar Man - still in great condition)
FOR SALE, ask me if you are interested!

(She is my Goddness - Charle's Angel Farrah Fawcett)
For Sale, ask me if you are interested!

Cliffy – HONG KONG

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