Sunday, December 21, 2008

Grey – The Debut of the Numina Series by Paul Pham

The default look of Grey

Interview with Judy Moore
To those who are Sybarite’s fan, I am sure you know Judy Moore. Together with Frank, Judy is the moderator of the friendly yahoo group, Slaves-for-Sybarite. I met Judy online because of Sybarite a few years back. But lately, she is actively involved with the launching of the new 16” BJD, Grey, one of the Numina series released by a young talented artist, Paul Pham.
amazing feminie body

Judy Moore is now living in a mountain with her husband, 4 dogs and 3 cats, in Colorado. She used to be hair dresser and had her own hair salons. No wonder you can see her selling variously kind of cool doll wigs on eBay. Actually, Judy is a porcelain doll artist and has been writing articles for doll magazine like Doll Artisan, Doll Crafter, Doll Costuming, Doll Making and 2 other magazines that are no longer published.

Puffy wig Greta Garbo look

In the past 10 years, Judy has been making and collecting dolls, like Sybarites, BJD, Tonners and porcelain Barbie.
However, her interest, these days, is focusing on Grey, the début Numina doll of Paul Pham. Judy has kindly given me some pictures of her Grey here to share with you all! I must say that I am very fascinated by the pictures and how versatile Grey could be. She looks very chic while processes the mood of Greta Garbo on the puffy UFO wig, and she looks so differently from her default look on the FDQ cover.

While, I am waiting for mine to arrive here and make my personal review on Grey, Judy reviewed to me that this is one of the most gorgeous fashion dolls that has actualized the real feminine body shape. According to her, Grey’s breasts are little bit smaller than Sybarite - just in the right size, not too skinny like catwalk models, nor oversized like some other fashion dolls trying to promote the honey-bee-like female body of the golden era of Hollywood. Grey even has ribs crafted on both sides, and her hips are gorgeous- no unsightly joints, so femininely which has given the doll a very smooth body line.

Grey vs Sybarite

Grey could fits in most 16” doll’s outfits. Grey’s head is slightly smaller than Sybarite but her hips are so smooth that she could fits in Tonner’s wardrobes without problems. So… I guess when Grey arrives in Hong Kong, there is already a full wardrobe awaiting her here!!!!

If you want to contact Judy, below are the contacts.

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Eva Mlcak said...

Judy, you live a life I can only dream. FOUR dogs and sounds like a log house in the mountains. SIGH.