Friday, December 5, 2008

Jenny doll - Do You Know Which Star Her Face is Make After?

(Credit: 2007 Kawaii! 2007 JenNny Production committee)

Sayuri Yoshinaga


(Sayuri was Nation Teenager Beauty in Japan)
  • Jenny is known as Barbie for Japanese when she was first debuted in Japan by Takara in 1982.
    After Takara ended their Barbie license with Mattel in the early 80s, Takara thought that Barbie is too American, and Japan needed a more Japanese look girl – shorter (10.5”) with smaller breasts, much cuter in Asian way.

    After a long discussion and consideration, Takara decided to mould this Japanese icon fashion doll after a young actress, Ms. Kayuri Yoshinaga (she was 18 then) as the model. Kayuri is titled by the media as : Nation Teenger Beauty .

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