Friday, December 19, 2008

Last minutes X'mas Shopping Discount – Wide Imagination

This is Prudence and Ellowyne

There is a special promo code EWV to use for shopping for Wide Imagination and Evangeline Ghastly. It is for FREE shipping within US, and save US9.95 for international orders. Please be sure to do it quick as this offer cuts off midnight Dec. 20th 2008. Go! Go! Go!

Last mintues X'mas shopping

I personally do not collect these dolls because their cutie look is too Westerner taste. And we have big head cuties like Pullips or Blythe that are booming in the markets in Asia regions. However, I could recommend Wide Imagination’s outfits. They are in great details and good quality! I have a few outfits for my Sybarite. Although the head piece and the shoes are little bit oversized, if it is a pair of boots, then it is not that noticeable.

I have this outfits She Wallow In White for my Sybarite

Picture Credit: Wide Imagination, Evangeline Ghastly

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