Monday, December 15, 2008

Over 150 OOAK Dolls Displayed in the Heart of Bangkok

This is the 4th times that I visited this flower shop - Elegance. It is in the basement of Paragon, the biggest shopping center in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

The owner, Golf, is a doll collector as well as a renowned flower arrangement artist in Bangkok. He has published a book about his works, some of them were even for the Thai Royal events. Unfortunately, when I was there this time, he was not around.

The flower shop is actually quite large. Besides of all the flower displaying areas and fridges, there are 2 meeting areas and 3 large showcases displaying over 150 OOAK dolls. Two for 12” dolls like Barbie, and 1 for a mix of 12" and 16” (all Tonner dolls) OOAK.

One of the 12” showcases actually displaying all OOAK Barbie with the theme of Traditional Thai Myths characters. It is definitely the signature work of Patt and her sister. Everything is in details and nicely transformed. If you have chance to visit Bangkok in the future, why not entertain yourself with some eye candies?

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Nune said...

I've seen these once. I'm so amazed to see how they display these dolls! Incredibly that I'd have seen these agian by you!