Sunday, December 21, 2008

Takeshi’s head for 65 cm BJD – Arrived!

Iplehouse head is too small for Spinel's body. Let's try Takeshi's head on!

Scale wise looks fine

Takeshi Kaneshiro, a renowned Japanese & Taiwanese mix mega movie stars in Asia and whenever Asian movies are showing. He has been the presenter of Boitherm for years. He is a very low profile and wordless artist. I guess that is where part of his charisma comes from. Lately, I found his Minimee head, LE 10, in the 2nd hand market and I could not help but snapped on it right away.

Skin tone is not quite match

Need some face brushing to match the body skin tone

I wish I could have it face-up as this illustration

I have a headless NS (natural skin) tone of Spinel Super Gem, Soom doll ( 65cm (about 2 feet tall) for months now and have no head to go with. After 10 days of waiting, Takeshi-san head arrived. I could not wait but put the head on Spinel’s body and tried out. Unfortunately, Takeshi head’s color is bit paler than the NS of Soom doll. But scale-wise, it looks fine! Now, I have find the proper artist who could help to brush his skin tone to match with Spinel and give him a Takeshi-likeness face-up! Any recommendations?

He processes a powerful charm of silent

FYI: Minimee head – is a BJD head make-to-order. Just send in any pictures, drawing, then DIM would make it to 80% of the likeness. The minimum order is for 2 heads.

Pictures taken by pre-owner

Pic credit: Biotherm Men’s care series

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