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Friday, December 5, 2008

Jenny doll - Do You Know Which Star Her Face is Make After?

(Credit: 2007 Kawaii! 2007 JenNny Production committee)

Sayuri Yoshinaga


(Sayuri was Nation Teenager Beauty in Japan)
  • Jenny is known as Barbie for Japanese when she was first debuted in Japan by Takara in 1982.
    After Takara ended their Barbie license with Mattel in the early 80s, Takara thought that Barbie is too American, and Japan needed a more Japanese look girl – shorter (10.5”) with smaller breasts, much cuter in Asian way.

    After a long discussion and consideration, Takara decided to mould this Japanese icon fashion doll after a young actress, Ms. Kayuri Yoshinaga (she was 18 then) as the model. Kayuri is titled by the media as : Nation Teenger Beauty .

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dolls Part 20 – Little Snow White (Volks 10th Anniversary)

  • DP20 with 2 New SD16 Girls
Larger size BJD is also another kind of doll that is additive. Based on the story of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, DP 20 has just released 2 SD16 girls, Joanna (the queen) & Iris (snow white) this November. I have been longing for a SD16 by VOLKS but having no luck in getting any yet.

Both Joanna and Iris are designed by Mikey, and sculpted by Zoukie-mura Inc. as usual.
I like the outfits of Joanna. She looks like the Little Red Hood rather than a witch to me. And the red eyes shadow around the big area of her eyes and cheeks on that white skin tone is really attractive.

They are both retailed at 92,000 Japanese Yen (tax exclusive). The price is not too bad for a full set doll. But considering the current strong exchange rate of Japanese yen, I could not afford any of them for the time being.

  • Database of Joanna & Iris

    Joanna : air brushed makeup
    18mm HG glass eyes: pale purple with black line (Volks original color)

    Iris : air brushed makeup
    18mm HG glass eyes: cadet blue with black line. (Volks original color)

    Picture credit: Volks Inc., WingMax

Very first African Sybarite, Inque, Arrived!

  • The Debut of Inque, African Sybarite

    As the very first release of 3 IT girls by Superfrock, Inque debuted as the exclusive doll of Angelic Dreamz, NY, USA. It is a LE of 200 and the very first African girl of Sybarite. I must admit that I have a weakness on tanned dolls. Judging from the official pictures – oh well, just 2 of them, I had to make a quick decision before she was gone.

  • Oops! I Should Have Knocked!!!

    She arrived at my office in Hong Kong while I was on a Singapore business trip. When I opened the box after my return, the first thing in sight was ~ her bra already came off to her rip cage, and looked as if she was ready for some action…You know what I mean. Or, it looked as if I should have knocked at the box before I opened it!!! LOL!!!

  • Skin Tone, Makeup & Outfits

    The skin tone of Inque is absolutely stunning as an African doll – not too dark or not too orange. The blue eye shadow is beautifully applied and the blue satin bra and pants came with a matching sleeper. All the accomplished the blue tone and it looks very refreshing. The bloody red lips matches with her finger nails and toe nails. Her shiny bloody red toe polished nails are incredibly sexy and realistic!!

  • She Derves Better
However, I am not so happy with the cheap looking slippers. She is a Sybarite, isn’t she? So, deserves a more classic and sexy high heel than that! The other downside of Inque is that her eyelashes are not as rich and sexy as before. Her eyelashes are overly lengthy and very thin. I guess it also contributed to Inque’s strong tough look, while the other Sybarites are more moody and are subtle beauties.