Friday, December 12, 2008

At the Back Stage of Deva Doll– Meeting with the Artists in Bangkok

Completely Newly Developed Goddess:

It has been quite a long time since the last release of Deva doll. I have one older type of tan skin Deva Doll. She is very poseable. The articulation and body balance stability is very good too. She could even stand on her own. But, believe me, the newly launched Deva dolls have completely new body design (19 joints), and refreshing human likeness face mould, that make Deva Dolls a TOTALLY new sensation to the doll community! They are so easy and good to pose, standing very easily on their stand. The body shape and the proportion are very human likeness as well.

I am lucky enough to be able to meet with the artists during my Bangkok trip. And I have learned something about them like this.

  • “Deva”- in Thai language means “Goddess”.
  • On 15th Dec. 2008, their 1st début doll will be a Latina girl named “Elfas” – which also means Godness in Latin.
  • “Tain-shi”, the Chinese girl, would be the 2nd Deva to come along. Actually, Tian-shi (天使) also means Goddess/angle in Chinese.

At the Back Stage of Deva Dolls:

The Deva guys were so kind to bring along 2 personal collections of their own to show me – the Indian girl – Pharatee, and the Chinese girl - Tain-shi. When they opened the box in front of me, I could not help but widely opened my eyes and… … my jaw dropped. The face paint is so fine and detailed that I could not help but starring at them and checking all the details from different angels. And they also changed various kinds of wigs and outfits with matching shoes to show me on spot! It was like that I have entered the backstage of Deva Doll and be a little reporter!

I forgot to take pictures but playing the dolls. Until I came to the sense that I should have taken some pictures, it was a bit too late. Plus my camera was low in battery level. So I have missed some stunning stylings. My poor picture quality could not justify the girls’ beauty. Sorry guys!!!

  • New Deva Launching Information:
The whole series of Deva doll would be official launched on on 15th Dec. 08. Each doll would be LE 20.

Unlike other manufacturers who have their design done by themselves and then have their products made in China. But everything in any Deva dolls set are all designed and manufactured in Thailand. For instance, all dolls’ face paint is not done by factory labor but by the artist himself. They said that the doll is UV protected sealing and the paint is water proof as well!

  • Wonderful Experiences:

I have read that some collectors have had bad experiences with them before. Sorry that I do not know the details. So I am not in the position to make any comments. However, I found that Deva guys are extremely friendly and humble in person. I wish that whoever buy any Deva Dolls from them, your experience would be as great as mine, if not any better!

  • Announcement:

I MUST emphasize that I am NOT in any associations with Deva doll. This blog is PURELY written from a perspective of a doll collector. And I am glad that there are artists like Deva guys who take their creation seriously. They have created such a series of gorgeous fashion doll to give collectors more varieties and choices!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Male doll – Rober Pattinson Likeness by Tonner

Compare how you like these dolls to the real characters

Does Rober Pattinson also looks like Elvis Parlsey?

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen

( Look at his cool hair)

This is Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson)

This is the Twilight promotion in a cinema in Thailand.

For people who know me, they all know that I also like male dolls. It could be tracked back that I actually started my doll collecting with action figures. I am so thrilled that Tonner Robert has got the licence of making a very cool male doll which is Rober Pattinson likeness. It is based on his character Edward Cullen in the movie “Twlight”.

Usually the prototype looks much better than the actual commercial one. So I hope this time, it would be a different case. Look at Rober Pattinson’s hair style and face paint? It is so COOL!! I wonder if the hair would be gelled that way or I have to style it by myself.

Actually, there is also a Kristen Stewart likeness as Bella Swan in this release. Honestly, I am not interested in Kristen Stewart at all. And, I do not see any characteristic in the official pictures.

This “Twlight” characters are exclusive of and is going to be released in early 2009. Price is not official announced yet. If you want to know more, you can register with Tonner Direct to get the first hand information.

Twlight movie official website:

pic credit: Tonner Robert, twilight movie official website