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Chewin – OOAK Artist in Thailand

Chewin – OOAK Artist in Thailand
- A guy with thousand smiles in the country of thousand smiles -

You may recognize an artist by name and face, and you may admire an artist by the signature artist way. But when it comes to know an artist in person, the ways you admire his/her work would be different.

Chewin as an OOAK Artist:
Porncheiwn, well-known as Chewin from Thailand in the doll community, is an artist that I have know in person, and I admire his work. You could see his OOAK repaint dolls and outfits on eBay all the time. He is specialized in male repaints and outfits. I know Chewin personally long before he made his name on eBay. I usually address him as Ajan Porn (Teacher Porn).

We met at a doll shop at MBK, one of the most popular local shopping arcades for both local and tourists alike in Bangkok, a few years back. I still remember the very first male repaint that I have seen in person were created by Chewin. They are both Matt O’Neil but in different face shape! (Matt face mould has been changing, if you ever noticed) Although I love male dolls, I always think the Matt’s look is very dull and overly conservative. I could not believe how sexy and manly Matt could be transformed to. And the Italian cutting suits that Chewin made fits Matt perfectly! I could not help but ordered two from him on spot!

Ajan Porn (Chewin)
A Guy with Thousand Smiles in the Country of Thousand Smiles:
Taking the advantage of my Bangkok trip in this December, I met with Chewin (I actually would meet with him whenever I visit Bangkok) and told him that I wanted to feature him in my blog. As usually, he delightfully said “Yes! Yes!”. In my memory, Chewin never says no to any requests. I guess it is what in his Thai blood (Thai people always says “mai bin lai” all the time meaning “never mind”) and also reflects his self confidence on his own capability.
A man with Thousand Smiles
Chewin has a Chinese looking face, as you could see in the picture. He has very unique curly eyelashes, which is so nicely distributed that makes him look like a doll himself. Whenever I meet with Chewin, he is always very cheerful and sometimes bouncy while we are talking about some new dolly discovery! Thailand travel bureau name Thailand as “A Country of Thousand Smiles”, then, Chewin must be “A guy with thousand smiles” himself.

Chewin was borned in Phuket and came to Bangkok to study Fine Arts for his colleague. He has been the Fine Art teacher at University of Rangsit, Bangkok, in the past 20 years. That is why I always address him as Ajan Porn (Teacher Porn) rather than Chewin. Chewin told me that his name (Pornchewit) means
“giving life”. I guess it fits him so well that he is giving new life to all his repaint dolls! Chewin repainted two of my dolls this time. They are to die for! Please see the pictures here and you would agree with me!

Chewin’s Passion in Life:
Chewin has a great passion on painting ever since he was a kid. In his Fine Art Uni student days, his sketch book accompanied him wherever he went. Visiting art museums, reading art reference books at libraries, drawing every single day were all about his Uni life. It is not a surprise to anyone that his favorite drawing is human figure, especial mouth and eyes. His way of arts was mainly inspirited by late Chakrapand Pasayakrit, a renowned National Artist of Fine Arts in Thailand. Chakrapand did not only enlighten Chewin but he was also his mentor and friend!

From an Artist’s Perspective:
I could not help but wonder as an OOAK artist what kinds of collection he has, and what is/are his favorite amongst all. He has all kinds of doll that you could name of, plus over 100 action figures. Chewin loves to get any new dolls in hand and check them out!

Shaved eyebrowse

His favorite female doll is
Daphne (same as mine!!) of Tonner. Chewin commented that she has the most perfect female face feature. The versatileness of repainting her is a joy!
For male doll, he likes Lukas of Fashion Royalty the best. His lips are really sexy that Chewin said he would never get tired of repainting it. However, Matt O’neil of Tonner has the perfect male body for making male couture! (Can’t agree more! I could proof that with what I have from Chewin)

A totally new life being given after repainted
Today, his new passion is more on bigger BJD, like Akando ( – the superman body type of 70cm tall. He has also added in his collection with several 70cm tall BJD Super Gem series by SOOM (!

Chewin’s Future Plan:
Chewin said that he is planning to step down from teaching, and to concentrate on his doll related career. He is disappointed by nowadays students who have very weak foundation of Art, such as drawing. “Blame it on the new technology. Student of today only use computer software to draw, to color. They don’t even know how to mix color or holding brushes!” commented Chewin. He said that teacher students like that is no more excited him.

After all these years, Chewin has completed many projects; some of them were even for the Thai Royal Family. He wanted to have his works collected and compile his own book.

He is so ready to pursuit his passion in life – dolls! His sister and younger brother are responsible for making cloth; his elder sister is making wigs and hair styling. He himself, of course, for all the repaints!

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Happy Holidays Doll Fans & Collectors! would like to wish you a holiday season filled with family, fun and celebration.
Happy Holidays!

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Grey – The Debut of the Numina Series by Paul Pham

The default look of Grey

Interview with Judy Moore
To those who are Sybarite’s fan, I am sure you know Judy Moore. Together with Frank, Judy is the moderator of the friendly yahoo group, Slaves-for-Sybarite. I met Judy online because of Sybarite a few years back. But lately, she is actively involved with the launching of the new 16” BJD, Grey, one of the Numina series released by a young talented artist, Paul Pham.
amazing feminie body

Judy Moore is now living in a mountain with her husband, 4 dogs and 3 cats, in Colorado. She used to be hair dresser and had her own hair salons. No wonder you can see her selling variously kind of cool doll wigs on eBay. Actually, Judy is a porcelain doll artist and has been writing articles for doll magazine like Doll Artisan, Doll Crafter, Doll Costuming, Doll Making and 2 other magazines that are no longer published.

Puffy wig Greta Garbo look

In the past 10 years, Judy has been making and collecting dolls, like Sybarites, BJD, Tonners and porcelain Barbie.
However, her interest, these days, is focusing on Grey, the début Numina doll of Paul Pham. Judy has kindly given me some pictures of her Grey here to share with you all! I must say that I am very fascinated by the pictures and how versatile Grey could be. She looks very chic while processes the mood of Greta Garbo on the puffy UFO wig, and she looks so differently from her default look on the FDQ cover.

While, I am waiting for mine to arrive here and make my personal review on Grey, Judy reviewed to me that this is one of the most gorgeous fashion dolls that has actualized the real feminine body shape. According to her, Grey’s breasts are little bit smaller than Sybarite - just in the right size, not too skinny like catwalk models, nor oversized like some other fashion dolls trying to promote the honey-bee-like female body of the golden era of Hollywood. Grey even has ribs crafted on both sides, and her hips are gorgeous- no unsightly joints, so femininely which has given the doll a very smooth body line.

Grey vs Sybarite

Grey could fits in most 16” doll’s outfits. Grey’s head is slightly smaller than Sybarite but her hips are so smooth that she could fits in Tonner’s wardrobes without problems. So… I guess when Grey arrives in Hong Kong, there is already a full wardrobe awaiting her here!!!!

If you want to contact Judy, below are the contacts.

Takeshi’s head for 65 cm BJD – Arrived!

Iplehouse head is too small for Spinel's body. Let's try Takeshi's head on!

Scale wise looks fine

Takeshi Kaneshiro, a renowned Japanese & Taiwanese mix mega movie stars in Asia and whenever Asian movies are showing. He has been the presenter of Boitherm for years. He is a very low profile and wordless artist. I guess that is where part of his charisma comes from. Lately, I found his Minimee head, LE 10, in the 2nd hand market and I could not help but snapped on it right away.

Skin tone is not quite match

Need some face brushing to match the body skin tone

I wish I could have it face-up as this illustration

I have a headless NS (natural skin) tone of Spinel Super Gem, Soom doll ( 65cm (about 2 feet tall) for months now and have no head to go with. After 10 days of waiting, Takeshi-san head arrived. I could not wait but put the head on Spinel’s body and tried out. Unfortunately, Takeshi head’s color is bit paler than the NS of Soom doll. But scale-wise, it looks fine! Now, I have find the proper artist who could help to brush his skin tone to match with Spinel and give him a Takeshi-likeness face-up! Any recommendations?

He processes a powerful charm of silent

FYI: Minimee head – is a BJD head make-to-order. Just send in any pictures, drawing, then DIM would make it to 80% of the likeness. The minimum order is for 2 heads.

Pictures taken by pre-owner

Pic credit: Biotherm Men’s care series