Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dollystyle Convention 2009 in Tokyo

Have you ever wanted to join any doll conventions? I always wanted to join one as it would be experience of once in a life time! However, flying to USA, France or Russia for this purpose would be too costly. So any conventions held in Asia would be more possible to me. In this November of 2009, I would have a chance of such. Dollystyle Convention with the theme REUNION would be held in Tokyo from 21-22 Nov. 09. I wish by that time, Japanese currency would not be as strong as it is now!

Some data of this convention is abstracted as below:

- Dollystyle Convention 2009 (21-22 Nov.)


- FEE: 34,000JPY (about US380) Package included: 1 convention doll - FR Nippon; convention goodies; 1 official dinner; 5 raffle tickets

- Privilege: participant is entitled to buy a "Companion doll (Fashion Royalty) at a special price.

- Venue : Ochanomizu-Hotel Juraku (near by Akihabara, where you can shop for more dolls) Special Rate available by Jan 2009 within Convention Package.

- Capacity: 150

- International Liaison: Denise Travers


Freddy Tan said...

I am most likely attending :)


Freddy Tan

Cliff Chan said...

Hi Freddy!

Wow! Cool! Would you have your own booth there too?