Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two Other Numina Girls are Going to Release Soon! Hur Ray!!!

For Paul’s work lovers and those who wanted Grey but were not able to get one, good news to you all!

The 2nd release of Grey IDEX LE40 is going to be released during the Debut of Doll Party, hosted by Doll Reader Magazine, at IDEX on 31st Jan. 09. Autograph would be signed for the public during the Doll Artist Event. IDEX Grey is priced at US675 plus shipping and handling. It is to be shipped in Feb-Mar. 2009. For the lottery activity details, please refer to Paul’s Dollcis website.

  • On another note by Paul, the debut of Grey’s sister Asher would be sold through his website in April! Isn’t it exciting!!!??? Have your credit card ready, or start selling your lesser wanted stuff like what I am doing!! Good luck, guys!!

    Picture credit: http://www.dollcis.com/ by Paul Pham

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