Thursday, April 2, 2009

7.5 feet Long Glass Showecase & The Stories

Time flies, I have moved into this new apartment for over 2 years now. I really like my new home. Although it is smaller than where I used to live, the current living environment, the community, the quality of air etc. are much better than before. Since I designed the house layout and furniture myself, I have more control on what I like and what I need.

I remember I was so excited when I first moved in as I finally have a 7.5 feet long glass showcase with adjustable glass panels to “showcase” my collections. It is always fun to redress my dolls and pose them with various coordination. Isn’t it what fashion dolls created for? However, the only thing that bothers me is that sometimes the stands could not hold them properly. When one doll felt, it would be like a domino game effect or striking of bowling.

I usually group my dolls and create a scene with some unwritten storyboards in my mind. After a few weeks or months, I would put some of them down and reorganize. I found some archive pictures of one of such activities lately, but it was once I took them all down from the shelves for through dusting purpose. I treasure these pictures a lot because some of the dolls have already left this sweet apartment and immigrated to some other places in the world!

Besides, when I went through these pictures again, I found that my dolls were scattered here and there by random grouping. They looked as if they were talking or discussing with each other. I wonder what have had happened while they were all up in the shelves. Any interesting stories or cat fights happened? Any romantic affairs happened without my notice? When I am looking at these pictures again, it seems like they had some storeis that they wanted to tell me!
Have you ever had the similar feeling that your dolls are trying to tell you their stories...or is it only me?!!


Alison said...

That is one amazing display case. And some amazing dolls, too. I am totally in awe. :)
Two thumbs up!
(Though, I can totally see where the bowling and dominos analogy come in, LOL!)

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

LOL!!! I am so thankful for being able to have this showcase for my collection!!!! They could be chaotic yet fun!