Wednesday, February 18, 2009

DeeAnna Denton – Look Alike of a Hong Kong Actress of 50s

Tonner has been releasing many different kinds of dolls in different sizes lately that I am kind of losing track of them. However, one girl really draws my attention is DeeAnna Denton, the new series of Tonner’s 17” tall girl. I love the original illustration of DeeAnna Denton, which is kind of typical Alberto Vargas girl’s look. But the actual doll looks so different. DeeAnna Denton looks very outgoing and pleasant, such a sex boom in the illustration; while the actual doll looks very conservative and introvert. Does DeeAnn looks alike this Hong Kong movie actress of the 50s?

Cheng Big-Yin - she looked like a doll herself

And the funny thing is that I found the doll looks very much alike a Hong Kong movie actress of the 50s – Cheng Big-Ying (鄭碧影) instead. She was activie in the show busines as an actress in Cantones opera and B& W movie in the 50s. I tired to google for her picture online. Unfortunately, there were very few available and some of them are tiny pictures. Enclosed is the best picture of Cheng Big-Ying that I could find online. Do you find they look alike like as I do?

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PeytonGirl said...

Yes, Cliff. She does look like Cheng Big-Yin. I love the DeeAnna doll. I have several. I like the more curvy body (more realistic and sexy).

She is easily repainted to look Asian as well. :)

My favorite dolls are now my RND Angels, Ellowyne and DeeAnna. Though I do wish they would do a smiling version of DeeAnna.