Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Marketing Strategy Decode - I.T.NOW of Integrity

(Note: this article is my personal opinion with no bias. Purly for fun and sharing)
There have been many news dolls entered the fashion doll market lately. Majority of them are from big names such as Tonner, Integrity, Superfrock etc. while there are new comers such as Paul Pham and RDG or reborn Deva Doll. Needless to mention some bigger BJD manufacturers who are releasing new dolls every single month.

Besides, being interested in the dolls, I am actually also interested in knowing how they would set their individual market strategies under such a bad economy situation. Are they going to retain their customers, or “invading” other market segments. How do they differentiate their products from the competitors under sever competition of nowadays?

The long waited review on the 2009 Integrity lines have finally ended today. It seems to me that Integrity is trying to dominate as many market segments as possible. They are spinning off some lines which could help to retain their collectors, meanwhile getting new customer base. The ambitious of Jason Wu could be proved by the existing lines and the newly launched lines.

This line really caught my attention amongst all the new lines of Integrity.

Some collectors might be happy this time as the new play line I.T. NOW retails at less than US30. The girls of this line have very similar look to Fashion Fever Barbie as well as the more expensive Fashion Royalty line.

The body of this I.T. Now series is the almost the same as Ru Paul and Eve Kitten which were released a few years back. This body has small busts and is not so articulated but with internal click-bend mechanism on the knees. The way I.T. Now poses is similar to Barbie’s top model series but taller. However, the face mold is very much resembled to Fashion Royalty’s characters – I especially find that the AA girl is the teenage version of Adele, and red head is Vanessa. (see pictures here) The dress quality-wise, as I could see from the official pictures, are similar to Fashion Fever.

(She could pass as the teenage version of Adele)
(She looks like Vanessa of FR line) ( If I say that she is a Barbie doll, would you doubt about it?)

Under the impact of this bad global economy, some collectors would become very careful in spending big bucks – me is one of the best example (unfortunately). Thus, this I.T. Now line could serve as the temporary replacement to some of the not-so-die-hard Fashion Royalty collectors until the economy turns better. Or meanwhile, Integrity is trying to foster much younger collectors by building brand loyalty. What made me say that? By my own decoding of the official write up of this line:

“Concept: The brands we will be introducing under this new banner will consist mostly of entry level collectibles. A perfect introduction to the Integrity Toys style!”

picture credit: Integrity, http://www.cherishedfriends.com/

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