Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Retro Midwests - I.T. Vintage - Poppy Parker by Integrity

Further to my previous article on the new I.T. NOW line, I want to talk about another new line of Integrity – Poppy Parker. The theme of this line attracted me instantly – just in case, you do not know, I am a fan of 50s and 60s. I love those B/W movies of Hollywood or Hong Kong. Plus, I like their fashion, their living styles, and the way people talk of that era. I still remembered how thrilling I was when I first saw the Bon Voyage series of Fashion Royalty some years back. Finally, here comes a teenager version of the Midwest 60s!
The Poppy Parker girl retailed at similar price levels of basic Fashion Royalty dolls, which is a bit surprise to me. I suppose LE700 of each doll would be able to satisfy collectors’needs. Poppy does not only has Misaki' lips, she also uses the same Misaki body with articulated wrists and ankles. Mind you that Misaki’s body is kind of slender, small busts but with larger feet than Fashion Royalty! So if you have chic and hip Misaki's wardrobe, Poppy Parker would be jumping for joy!

Retro Furniture:
The fashion as seen from the official website is not so attractive to me. However, I love the backdrops of some of the pictures.
I heard that it is actually a cross-over with Maryann Roy - a very tallented doll funiture artist! I wish that Integrity would also introduce a line of retro furniture set soon. Such as the brick wall painted in white with a funky clock hanging on it. Round and big lighting hanging down from above. Round colorful cushions on a curvy back long sofa, which is the setting that I have seen in many B/W movies when I was a kid. Full length window and sheer curtain which seems to lead you to Poppy's court yard. The simplicity of furniture design in my favorite white is all retro and all so charming. I want to live in a house like that!

(I love the funtiure and the whole house decor)

Picture credit: Integtiry. http://www.cherishedfriends.com/

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