Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some Clarification of Grey from Paul Pham

(Pic by Joyce W in FL)
(Pic by Liane in MN!)

All Grey lovers would be interested to know about the below information from Paul directly.

Paul has been back from IDEX and the gorgeous Grey dolls are totally SOLD OUT. And Paul has left a message with the Numina Yahoo Group to clarify some misunderstanding on the hand paint issue of Grey.

First of all, Paul said that the IDEX Grey is scheduled to be shipped in early March. It will be sent directly from his manufacturer/distributor.

Then, he mentioned the FDQ has given out the wrong information on IDEX dolls would be hand painted by him. Actually, only the first edition Greys were painted by Paul. Here is what Paul’s message says:

“The first edition Greys were painted by myself only because it was the first release---subsequent releases will be painted by another artist under my supervision. This will allow me to devote more time to designing and making the prototype clothing/accessories for the Numina line---as I have a full time job and there are only so many hours in the day, I cannot both paint and design in that time-frame. I wish I could, but there is just no possible way.”

Of course, all Paul’s fan, like me, would love to have a doll really created and hand painted by him. However, Paul’s situation is totally understandable and sensible. So the future faceup of Grey would able done by Paul’s personal friend who are very talented as well. However, Paul would continue supervising and control the quality to ensure the consistence of his creation!

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