Thursday, February 5, 2009

TonnerDirect New Exclusive - I want a split!

Gone with the Wind US224.99
ultra-basic Matt only at US54.99

she looks abit too mature for this dress to me!

I like this heart-shaped pattern stocking

Mesh armbands
& ruffles
I love it!
TonnerDirect has announced 3 new exclusive dolls: Wonderland Costume Ball (US159.99); Traveling with Mother to Savannah (US224.99), and Ultra-basic Matt O’neill (US54.99). They offer free shipping within the continental US, and valid until the Valentine’s Day. Just enter promo code 09FREE during check-out.

I love the wonderland costume ball (queen of the hearts) at first sight. Not the dolls but the outfits. I think Queen of the Hearts looks too mature to dress like a young girl – afterall, it is her majesty that we are talking about!

I like the wide ruffled organza collar, voluminous ruffled shirt tiers, mesh armbands, and ribbon lacings on the stocking and the faux fur trimmed town. So, anybody interested in a split with me? Me outfits complete, you the nude doll (ok, you can keep her hair as well! LOL!)

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