Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yoshida Style - "Make" Your Dreams Come True!

I think I am not the only doll collector who wants to have his own dream doll created. Have hard plastics and vinyl doll made is kind of a dream to most of the collectors. We all know that making a metal mold could cost a fortunate. (A doll collector has just told me lately that Tonner Robert told her a mold could cost up to US30,000.) And that expensive mould would wear out after certain number of molding. Therefore, making a resin BJD would be more possible to make our dreams come true. Unlike in Japan or in Korea that there are some institutions that you could actually learn how to make your own BJD from the sketch. In Hong Kong, the doll community is very small and there are hardly any big doll shops around, not to mention BJD institution. As a result, another option is to experiment it by following instruction on any doll magazines or online sources.

Yoshida Style:

I am happy to found that there is a very rich pictorial guide book on making BJD called “Yoshida Style”. Mr. Ryu Yoshida is a very well known guru in making amazing realistic BJD in Japan. This book was published in 2006 in Japanese. I was not into BJD then, so I did not pay much attention to it. However, I found this book’s Chinese version when I was in Taiwan several months ago. At first, I was only intended to flip through it briefly. But I ended up spent like 20 minutes checking it out at the book store and still wanted to go on and read more. This book is full of step-by-step pictures with full explanation. Yoshida does not only teach you how to sculpt and mold, make wig, shoes etc., he also teaches you how to make eye balls and teeth! In short, you can make almost anything by yourself. If you learn properly, you do not need to go to any BJD shops anymore!
Below is the content of this book for your reference.

Chapter I Base 9

  • I–1 Drawing & Sketch 10

  • I–2 Make a core of the doll 12

  • I–3 Make a base 16

Chapter II Modeling 19

  • II–1 Model a face 20

  • II–2 Make a body 24

  • II–3 Make arms & legs 28

  • II–4 Make hands & feet 32

  • II–5 Sanding 40

Chapter III Joints 43

  • III–1 Make ball joints 44

  • III–2 Fix balls 50

  • III–3 Make joint’s saucers 52

  • III–4 Set up a neck joint 58

Chapter IV Construction 61

  • IV–1 Artificial eyes 62

  • IV–2 Make artificial eyes & teeth 66

  • IV–3 Set up to put together arms & legs 70

  • IV–4 Set up to put together wrists, ankles & head 72

  • IV–5 Joining 76

Chapter V Painting 79

  • V–1 Foundation coating 80

  • V–2 Foundation coating (Advanced) 82

  • V–3 Create skin 86

Chapter VI Hair 95

  • VI–1 Put hairs on 96

  • VI–2 Top of the head 98

  • VI–3 Hair arrange 102

Chapter VII Shoes 105

  • VII–1 Make shoes 106

  • Tools & Material 8,15,94

  • SHOP·Shop list & References 134


momscricket said...

My question is...I am wanting to learn to make the eyeballs only, does this book show what MATERIALS to purchase to make the eyeballs? and is the material available in the states?
The person who has the book for sale, will not tell me this information. I have to purchase the book to be able to find out.
Thank you so much,

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hi Nacy,

This book is either in Japanese or in Chinese. So I am not sure how to translate the materails name probably to you. Anyway I tried as below. Does it make sense to you?

- Transplant resin half sphere ball
- Eberhard Faber FIMO soft (translusive - 014)
- Micro Compound (for polishing use)

I hope the above help!

raph said...

heres my thing, i love the whole BJD thing, and i am lookin to learn more, but i see the book is in japanese. will there ever be a translated version?

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

As far as I know there is only a Chinese translated version available in Taiwan.

Some of the pictorial tutor there are not so difficult to understand just by seeing the pictures. ..but inevitably some really need to have a good command of Japanese language.


Anonymous said...

you could do a great favor for the many would be artists if you could translate this book for us. Or at least the finer points and sources.We in the west could really latch onto this! Thank you for posting what is to me a new artform.

karen Hawkins said...

I would love to purchases a copy of this book but I need it to be English. Let me know if that ever happens. I know several other doll artists that would love it also