Wednesday, April 1, 2009

10,100 Visitor Hit!! Please Help to Leave Me Positive Feedback!!

OMG! My blog was opened in the end of last November, within 4 month's time, the visitor counter has just hit 10,100 (31st March 2009)! I am so THRILLED!

My Appreication to You ALL:
I would like to thank you sincerely to those who love my log and those who have bookmarked it and visit it frequently. I have been receiving encouraging emails and feedback from doll forums and in the blog here as well. And I would also like to thank you to those artists who allowed me to feature them here. It is always my pleasure to share my joy and points of view on fashion doll to collectors and speculators alike.

East Meets West:
This blog is a track record on my doll collections as well as sharing without any discrimination. We always talk about culture shock when it comes to EAST MEETS WEST. It is also applicable when it comes to dolls appreciations. The interesting thing is to see how different we (Asian and Westerners) could be in terms of our appreciation on doll creations! I enjoy speaking out my like and dislike on fashion dolls with respect! I would continue to write as long as I am collecting fashion dolls!!

Happy Transactions! Please Help to Leave Me Postive Feedback:
My doll collection experiences have been great! I have been buying and selling to collectors all over the world. All the transactions have been great and trustworthy so far. (except scammed by Kedra Manning (click here for the details)– I am sure some of you have already known about it). Therefore, I would appreciate those who have traded with me could leave me positive feedback on the link below (Doll Community Feedback Board) for others reference. Should you want me to do it for you, please let me know. I would be happy to do so for you too!

And, Alison, I have to thank you for giving me such a wonderful feedback on this feedback board. It is a great experience to do trade with you too!
Please click on the link below to leave feedback! Thank you very much!!
Doll Community Feedback Board - Post POSITIVE Transactions here - Rave review for Cliff in Hong Kong!


Alison said...

Cliff, it was my pleasure doing business with you! And as soon as I have dolly funds again--I have been overspending lately, much to my husband's chagrin--I will try shopping from you again! I'm so tempted by your art-deco styled ladies! :)

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hello Alison,

Thank you so much! You are such a lovely person! Yea, I wish to do business with you again soon!

Thank you so much for your positive feedback!