Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grey - Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2009

Good news and sad news to Grey's fan! Good news is a new stunning Grey is for sale at Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2009 (EURO 700). Bad news is that it is only LE10! Needless to say, as usual, with such limited quantity, even though you are the attendee of this PFDF, you have to go through the torturous lottery process! Of course, the 10 lucky winners would not feel it that way. Instead I could imagine they say "OMG ~ ! OMG ~ ! I won this gorgoues doll of Paul! It worth all the sweat and tears that I have!!" Yea, we heard you and we hate you! (Just kidding! Congratulations to all the winners!!!) This Grey is very different from the debute Grey! She has the signature face paint of Paul and she is so bright and stunning! Her wig is kind of cool, and the lantern dress is gorgoues. And I especially like the color which is kind of unique! The shoe is sexy too but very similar to the one from Sybarite's BZZZ! set!

Picture credit: Paul Pham

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