Friday, March 13, 2009

Jason Wu Interviewed by SCMP - HONG KONG

Jason Wu has become a household name in USA after Mrs. Obama has put on his design, a white silk off-the-shoulder gown encrusted with Swarovski crystal, at the President’s inauguration ceremony. South China Morning Post (SCMP) in Hong Kong has given Jason a cover plus 3-page interview on their Sunday supplement – Post Magazine (29cm x 36cm), on the International Women’s Day. This interview has very little touch on Jason's doll creation but more on his lesser told background and his creation on Michelle Obama’s outfits. Yes, it says ‘It is not what you know but who you know that makes you success!”. In this interview, you could see how true it is to Jason Wu. Jason’s success did not only rely on his talent but also the masterminds behind him – his mother; Ann Wintour; Ikram Goldman.

Quote “… Jason did not need to go through the typical evolution of a designer. From fashion school to apprenticeship followed by obscurity for the many or a spell in the shadow of a great name for the few, before success finally beckons…” Unquote
- - Masterminds of Jason Wu --

Jason’s Motherwho has fostered Jason in the very early age.
Jason’s mother knows how talented Jason is on fashion design. And she knew that “Jason’s talent was unlikely to blossom in Taipei.” Because there was no appreciation in Taiwan for what Jason wanted to do. At the age of 9, Jason’s mother took him to Vancouver, where she drove him around bridal shops. Jason would make sketches, and then create dresses for his Barbie dolls. When Jason was 12, his mother even hired a design student to teach Jason how to sew.

Jason was sent to top private boarding school such as Eaglebrook School and Loomis Chaffee. Jason’s alumnus included Michael Douglas, George Schultz and Sulzberger. He was then studied in Paris and Japan, and then another 3/5 years at Parsons. Although it seems that Jason did not graduate from Parson, it did not hinder his talent development at all. His parents supported Jason in every aspect, which included financing Jason to open his own fashion label with a studio on West 37th Street, the heart of New York’s fashion district.

- Ann Wintour and Ikram GoldmanPowerful fashion figures who introduced Jason’s work to Vogue’s readers and Obamas.
Ann Wintour, the editor of US Vogue as well as a supporter to Jason, has put Jason’s 2007 collection in her magazine and then drew the attention of a powerful merchandiser, Ikam Goldman. Goldman did not only select Jason’s design for Obama’s appearance on a high-profile TV interview in last October, she is also the middle man who submitted Jason’s design and dress to Obama. Although Goldman refused to review on the reason why it is chosen as the inauguration ceremony gown, it is for sure that Goldman thinks Jason’s design is what “real" American women had been waiting for.

Oh well…what a fairly tale to a talented designer who is only at his twenties so far. Who knows what other masterminds of Jason would show up from now on!
Jason’s human fashion would soon be seen in London, Paris, Beijing, Hong Kong at Lane Crawford. I wish him all the best yet not to forget to create some cool fashion for his dolls also!

Note: Due to the intellectual property rights concern, I could not post higher resolution pages of Jason’s interview here. For those who are interested in the details, please private email me!

Pictures credit: SCMP, Hong Kong

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