Monday, March 16, 2009

OOAK White Gown with Kleenex Tissue Paper – by Khun Poang

One of the most interesting and challenging things of playing with fashion dolls is that you could do anything crazy and creative on your dolls without costing you much! You can do trial and error on your economical play line Barbie or high-end haute couture Sybarite or Numina Grey.

Khun Poang, the well-known doll wig artist in Bangkok, could do any magic with his fingers and creative mind on any fashion dolls in his hands. It is not the first time that he amazed me with his magical fingers. He makes everything look so easy (but it is actually not!)! Khun Poang is also great at posing doll even if that doll is not that articulated, he would bring life to it.
There are some popular Thai OOAK artists in the doll community of Thailand, some of them always gather together for dolly activities on weekends in Bangkok.

Lately, they had fun in a doll shop and Khun Poang demonstrated his talent again by making LiveWire (Avant Guard) an OOAK white gown just with a piece of Kleenex tissue paper within a minute. Believe it or? Check out the sequel pictures here!

Picture credit: PattaArts


Anonymous said...

So clever! and so very fashionable, too. She looks quite chic in her white gown.

Terri Gold said...

Cheap and chic. I like it.

Cliff Chan said...

Thank you very much Cuervodolls and Terri Gold!

Khun Poang is really talented!