Saturday, April 11, 2009

Camille - Free Extra Pair of Hands and FREE Postage

(Doll nudity, please view it at your own descretion!)

After a long wait, Camille, the very first RDG girl, is now ready for pre-order. I have seen quite some cool pictures of her on RDG’s facebook group and RDG official website. She rocks even without any cloth on! I am so lucky to be able to see this girl in real while I was in Singapore (my other previes). Her attitude, her silhouetted and articulation are what I am looking for in a high-fashion doll. She could share Tonner and Sybarite outfits, shoes etc. So by the time Camille is here, there is a full wardrobe waiting for her!
  • Hands Wig Size: 4/5inch
  • Height: 42cm
  • Shoulder: 9cm
  • Chest: 18cm
  • Waist: 12cm
  • Hip: 17cm
  • Outseam: 27cm** Can share outfits with most 1/4 scale fashion dolls

I am so happy that Keith decided to include a FREE EXTRA PAIR of posing hands. And international DHL postage is WAIVED! So the price US480 is a great bargain! As you know that my LE LUO has dried up my wallet, but RDG takes 30 days layaway, that helps a lot ! Camille is only LE30, so I have mailed Keith about my layaway pre-order right away!

Below is the emails from RDG! I have started counting the 60 days now!

Please allow me to share a piece of sexy EASTER BUNNY NEWS...our new girl CAMILLE™ is now on sale on our website.BOUDOIR CAMILLE™ is available in a limited edition of 30pcs worldwide and is available on a pre-order basis (60 days delivery).

CAMILLE™ would come with painted eyes and applied lashes and she is able to share outfits with most 1/4 scale fashion dolls.To extend our gratitude to all our patrons' support, we have included a set of "POSER" hands FREE with every purchase of BOUDOIR CAMILLE™ (that means more doll fun and posing ), and postage would continue to be waived internationally.We still have limited sets of BASIC LUCIEN™ and BRADLEY™ as well as DEBUTE LUCIEN™ left,so please bring one of these great guys home for your well behaving girls!!Without further adieu...presenting BOUDOIR CAMILLE™!!


(note: I am in no way associate with the artist or the manufacturer)


Alison said...

This doll is absolutely stunning! I can see why you'd want to add her to your collection--so do I!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hi Alison!
I like her and looking forward to "make her a top model"! LOL!!

Are you going to get one?


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