Thursday, April 23, 2009

Create Your Own Hybrid BJD as Ann Wooley Did??

BJD (Ball Joint Dolls) has been existing for decades. The earliest BJD that I have seen is a baby doll made in France in 1920s. I have never though that I would become one of the BJD collectors. But now, as some of you have already known that I have joined the community. I have BJD in various sizes, such as 16-17” Sybarite, Deva Doll, and 64cm and 70cm humongous ones.

BJD is mainly made of resin or porcelain, so they are more costly then vinyl or plastic dolls in folds. For those who wanted a fashion BJD to play with but have relatively tight budget., you can try to look for a 2nd hand BJD and then “transplant” your favorite doll’s head to create your own hybrid BJD.

Long before Tonner released its Sydney BJD, Ann in FL (Ann Wooley), a renowned rerooting and diorama artist, has already created her own Sydney BJD. She used a RND Angle BJD’s body and put a Sydney head on it. The result is very impressive. You could not tell that it is a hybrid one in the first glance!
Tonner's Sydney BJD Ann's Hybrid Sydney BJD
Structure of BJD:
But before you do the “operation”, you should understand the structure of BJD. In most cases, there are 2 elastic strings inside BJD’s body - one for 2 hands; one for 2 legs and torso. The later one goes through the torso to hold the leg parts in place. This string would pass through the neck hold and hooked inside the head. For details, ELF doll website has provided a pictorial guideline as the links below.

- ELF string your doll hands
- ELF string your doll torso and legs

Therefore, if you want to transplant a vinyl doll head into a BJD like what Ann did, you would need to make a hole on the skull by cutting along the aisle between rooted hair area like a cap. Remember to avoid cutting off any hair, otherwise it would not be able to cover the “wound”. Another option is to shave off the doll head and then you could cut the skull in any shape that you feel like (A star shape, maybe? LOL!) And cover the cutting line with a wig. By opening the cap on the skull, it would enable you to pull the elastics string through and tie a knob with a S hook inside. But in RND’s Angel’s case, they use 2 small red balls instead. (Please click here.)

In case you want to try it out by yourself? I have a Tokyo Angel at very low price that you could experience on. Please check my For Sale page here. There are several different angle shots there. She would come with the original outfits, wig, long white boots. Any questions welcome (click here) .

Picture credit: Ann Wooley. If you want to see more pictures of Ann Wooley’s great doll collection and her diorama, could click here.


Alison said...

Wow--very interesting article, Cliff. Love that hybrid Sydney!
(I SO do NOT need another project right now... stop tempting me!)

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Haha, Alison!

What projects are you working on right now? I am curious!

PeytonGirl said...

Ahhhhh! While I adore the Syd face sculpt, WHY would anyone replace the most gorgeous doll face ever??? :( The Angels are perfect!

Now if I could figure out how to put my extra Angel heads on to my extra Tonner bodies, now that would by a hybrid I could get into.

I am so glad Toyko Angel came home to me. She is now Keiosu and is happy alongside her 19 brothers and sisters. :)

Cool idea though. There are loads of BJD bodies out there that I like and faces that are just ...meh. Maybe an Angel head on one of those???? You cannot top Rudi and David's dolls, IMHO. :)