Monday, April 6, 2009

Is Wedding Gown Every Girl's Dream? - IINQNNII

I guess having a unique wedding gown of its won is every girls' dream. However, affording one is another story. In Hong Kong and China, Taiwan etc., brides would not buy the wedding gown which could only wore once. Beside, it takes up space! Therefore, rental wedding dresses is big business in here! However, there is another way to have your dream wedding gown at a more affordable price - relatively speaking!
Superfrock just released a bridal dress 14" porcelain doll - INQUNII an hour ago. Below is how it described this product. Is this gown close to your dream gown? Is that more affordable to you?
Who needs the alter when you already have the gown and the Trousseau?bridal has never been this deisrable!this girl has a fortune of dowry, a mantleclock on her leg and a spine tattooed in matte white on her body.14" all porcelain fashion doll, includes panties in white satin, hose, satin and flocked glittering netting bridal gown, gorgeous volumous veil, white shoes, garter and bouquet. haircolour: white. Grey glass eyes, applied lashes, pale peach lip. pierced ears with metal hoops.dollstand incl.item in stock. ready to ship.Ed 300 pieces worldwide.
Price: £200.00 (Excluding VAT at 15%)
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