Monday, April 13, 2009

LUO Has Arrived! – Exciting!! But Beware of My Back

The excitement of waiting for this “Strongman LUO” BJD has finished. It is replaced by the joy and sentimental of bringing this gigantic doll back home!

Luo is born on April fool but arrived at my work place in the morning of 7th (Tue.). Before his arrival, I was worried that if his face paint would not be as detailed and refine as the prototype. Thanks God! Luo is stunning in person and came with perfect face-up as the official pictures. Luo was born in Apirl Fool

What a huge box!
This Strongman Could Break My Back (Ouch!):
He is the most expensive and the most humongous dolls ever in my life. Luo is 70cm tall and weight about 4.5 kg. So you could imagine holding a piece of 4.5kg hard resin is like holding a baby in your hands. During my lunch break, I took him out from the box for some quick snap shots and quality checked for any breakage and chips. In just about 10 minutes, I began to feel my back aching. Oh yea, he is really as described in this series - “a strongman” - a strongman that could break my back! Now that I know I should sit probably whenever I handle him in the future.
70cm tall, about 4.5kg in weight

2 ear pieced on left and 3 on the right

Skin Tone:
Luo is quite loosely strung, which is common as I have heard from other collectors. The skin tone is officially categorized as “brown” by Iplehouse, which is much lighter in real. My 64cm (2 feet) Latino Aaron looks like a little black boy when he is standing next to “brown” Luo now.
Extra Pair of Hands:
This set is originally come with the fist hand which is of me no use! But with a great surprise, Iplehouse changed their mind in the last minute and included a pair of ordinary hands before shipping. (What a bonus! ) Without knowing this last minute favor, I bought an optional pair of expressive hands with brushing. I am so please with the brushing, it is so real and only costs extra US10 for it! I do not know how could they brushing the hand with veins that look like under the skin. I wish that they would offer US10 for feet pedicure as well!
Extra expressive hands with manicure

Default fist hands
A manual of assemble is included

Luo's default set is especially design as his strongman character in the circut. It comes with the harness, shoulder pad, wrist warmer, belt, which all sticked with glittering pieces and embordaries. A Thai dye pants in golden color, lace up long boots, wig. Regardless it costs like US300 in the whole set, I, honestly, am not interested in it. So, I would take sometime later and take more pictures of LUO in different wigs and outfits! So who are interested in Luo, please stay tune!


Terri Gold said...

Congratulation on your new big, strong man! He is very heavy! I can't wait to see your pictures with him dressed.


Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hi Terri,

Thank you very much for dropping by! I surely would! I wish that I could take gread pictures as yours!!