Saturday, April 4, 2009

Someting About Luo Before His Arrival!

(These 3 guys have been making big wave to collectors' hearts)

I received a message from Iplehouse that LUO were all set and under packing on last Monday (30th March 2009). Then, I got an auto-sent message with EMS airway bill no. on Friday that LUO with other accessories that I have ordered were shipped. So probably I would have my LUO by next Tuesday the latest. How exciting! They have the doll prepared much faster than I have expected!

There have been tremendous discussion on this series on Den of Angels (a BJD doll forum) in the past 3-4 months. It is hard for me to catch up with all of them. But lately, there are some discussions on what this and that character should be, and each of the new doll should have its unique character, not even with similarity...Bla! Bla! Bla! These discussions have aroused my interest in finding out the background of each character in this circus series.

Honestly, I hardly read the official stories set-forth by manufacturers. I prefer the characters than I create for my dolls! They do not have any default character to me. They would change when I change their outfits and wigs (if applicable); and also with my dreamy mind moving along, whenever it changes, they change accordingly. However, I found it amusing when I followed the official links and to find out the interesting background of this massive hunky character - LUO Strongman. Such as to know who he is and what have had happened to him in the past that lead to his current situation!! It is like knowing about the past of a newly made friend!

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