Sunday, May 31, 2009

Karma - Breaking the Record of Sybarite Dolls?

Karma, the 2nd release of the Superfrock's Fortune series (or the third when counting Tora Fugu also), was released on 27th May 2009. She is a LE of 100 and is selling directly from Superfrock's online shop. However, up till this moment (1st June), Karma is still available! She has probably given a new record to LE100 Sybarite's sale record - not yet sold out after 5 days!
This Karma is came out after Avalon (the big platinum cure Syb), which was sold out within a day. I went to bed early that night and when I woke up, Avalon is sold out!

I actually quite interested in Karma. I like her leather pants and shoes. Plus she has an interested wig which is partially flocked in black. However, under the bad economy situation (or is it only me?), Superfrock has increased the price up to GBP 466.24. Plus shipping (and possibly newly applied handing charge as warned by C&D's newsletter? ) It would be sum up to US800 ( ... Sorry that I have to pass on her this time!

Below is the official description of Karma doll:

KARMA DD_013Collection:

FORTUNEFeeling fortunate?.... meet Karma... cult figure!from the top.

Black MOHAIR quiff with velvet flocked 'shaved bits', dark smokey coal and amber eyeshadow and bali blue eyes. camomile lip.piped collar sleeveless 'houndstooth' shirt with button front and safety pinned on skull & crossbone. (to our knowledge, the worlds smallest safety pins! we custom made them!) 'fortune' specific silver mesch neckscarf. black lace spencer, black 'skin' braces and matching 'leather' ladder studded gauntlets. Pin, print & tartan strap on bumflap bearing skull and crossbone detail and patent vinyl zip up 'bondage' trousers. Black military belt.nude hose. concluding with black patent and yellow nylon sports mech ankle boots.dressed doll. incl. handbag and catseyes.ED 100 per customer please.In stock, ready to ship. Price: £466.24 (Excluding VAT at 15%)

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Terri Gold said...

When I heard that a new Sybarite was up for sale I rushed right over to peek. Then I found out why she's still available. In my opinion, she's awful looking. That 'quaff' makes me feel like quaffing.
They've thrown good taste out the window on this one.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hi Terri,

I could not agree more! The latest collection is kind of disappointed to me! I prefer the earlier style of Syb!!