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Someone that I Call a Real Artisan – Niramol Vangtal

Probably quite a number of fashion doll collectors already know who Pattaart is. Pattaart is famous in making glove-fit glamorous wig for fashion dolls such as Deva, Sybarite, Avant-Gardes etc. (I would have an interview with her soon, so please stay tune!) However, do you know she also has a very talented elder sister, Niramol Vangtal?

Niramol Vangtal:
Niramol is the leader of Sri’s Doll artisans, whose work is well known being inspired by the exquisite beauty of Thai culture heritage. Her fine works express the value of the amazing traditional Thai costume in primitive period. I am lucky enough to grasp a copy of a book called “OOAK” by Sandy Hong, published in Thailand. In the cover and the PR postcard of this book, Niramol is collaborated with Pattart to create an elegant Chinese Concubine. Pattart did the amazing OOAK and Niramol did the gold works on the concubine’s hair pieces and accessories. She improves the material to be real metal (copper with gold plated) that is much more realistic

About Sri’s Doll Artians’ Exhibition:
In this July 30-31, Niramol and her fellows, Sri’s Doll Artisans Group, is going to have a doll exhibition called “Doll Arts Exhibitions II” in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the 2nd exhibition of its kind since 2004.( (Doll Haute Couture Arts Exhibition : "Traditional Miniature Thai Arts" ) It could be regarded as a sequel of the previous one. Niramol & the group have spent more than 2 years on the research and preparation for this exhibition. She has collaborated with some well-known Thai artists such as Chewin, Bdin to feature the history, life, costume, religious and foreign missions during the Reign of King Narai the Great;1656-1688.

Niramol and her artisans group choose this topic because of her personal interesting. She wishes to profound her feature on the value of arts. The most difficult part of this ambitious project is collaborating with other artists and/or associations to follow her vision and core concepts strictly. (SOURCE)
Scene of Kosa Pan presents King Narai's letter to Louis XIV at Versailles,
1 September 1686
Kosa Pan presents King Narai's letter to Louis XIV at Versailles, 1 September 1686
by Niramol & Sri's Doll Group
Material = Paper Clay & Mixed Medias
Scale 1

Deva doll Elfa as Marie de Gumar

AG as a traditional Thai concubine

Dolls & Material Used:
As you could see from the pictures here that there are many dolls being totally transformed from fashion dolls to traditional beauties with new lives. Tonner dolls, AG, Deva etc. (1:4) are OOAK separately to represent some important figures during the reign of King Narai the Great. The lives and costume of figures like Marie de Guimar, the concubine etc. are featured in great details. Besides, there are many hand-made paper clay dolls at 1:6 size by Sri's Doll group be setting in mixed media diorama to represent some notably royal duties and events during the Reign of King Narai the Great. Narai the Great was a very smart king. His reign saw a major expansion of diplomatic missions to and from Western powers, which had a great impact to the further reformation of Thailand. (Ref :

This 2nd Doll Arts Exhibition is open to pubic with free entrance. If you could make it, please do give it a visit and take some great pictures to share with us!

Doll Arts Exhibiton II
"During the Reign of Narai the Great, 1656-1688"

Grand opening party : July 30, 2009 18:00-20:00
Officially opening : July 31 - August 31, 2009 9:00-16:00
At Marsi Gallery, Suan Pakkad Palace, Sriyutthaya Road, Bangkok, THAILAND
(Free entrance)

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