Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DollPlus 4 - The Only BJD Convention in Hong Kong

DollPlus is a small scale big event for BJD lovers in Hong Kong and Asia countries nearby. It was the 4th time held in Hong Kong on 25th July 2009 (Sunday). DollPlus is only a half day event started from noon till 6pm on the same day. I have heard about it 2 years ago but only able to attend this year. To be very honest, I was quite shocked and impressed by the whole event. I thought that I would only spend an hour there and then back home, but I actually stayed till it closed.
It was my first time to visit any doll conventions in such a big scale in Hong Kong. (We have Toys Convention every year here but mainly with designers’ action figures). I was surprised that there were over 100 of booths by individuals, organizations or shops from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea etc. There were so many collectors, regardless their gender or age. Everybody was having fun, bringing along their boys and girls shopping, dressing up, displaying and photographing on spot. One phenomena of this BJD convention is that most of the booths allow your boys and girls try on wigs, outfits before you decide to buy! I did not bring along any of my BJD, yet I have bought quite a number of cool items!

So many booths, so many goods, so many doll lovers!
Collectors found their spots here and there, and then started to redress their dolls with the new hunted treasure!

I have take about 120 pictures, so if you want to see more, please visit my facebook album!


Alison said...

Fabulous! What amazing photos! I wish I was there--and I'm going to scope out your facebook album right now!! :)

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hey, Alison. Yea, please do visit my facebook album by clicking the link in the blog!