Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fashion Dolls – Do You Want the Dolls? Or Do You Actually Want the Fashion?

Along the road of doll collection, I have been lucky enough to get my hands on different kinds of dolls. Because of that, my collection focus has been shifting from one to another from time to time. I am sure I am not the only one who is experiencing these changes. However, what are the real factors that keep us continue collecting and changing focus? Would it be the touch of the doll, the styling, the factory paint, or even the smell of them? Or, have you ever think of your actual desire is the accessories and outfits that come with them?

A Whole New World:
About 3 years ago, an overseas friend of mine (known as SOS in doll boards) was dragged into this dolly world by his overseas friend by incident. He went to Singapore and stayed with a friend for 3 days. During his stay with his friend, he saw his friend’s doll collection and flipped through his doll magazines. His horizon was broadened and was fascinated by the glamorous world of fashion dolls. The images of Fashion Doll has strongly imprinted in his mind. He had no idea what fashion doll was all about before then. However, in less than 3 years’ time, his fashion doll collection could level with his Singaporean friend’s. He told me that his friend’s collection focus has been shifting from one to another - in another word, the collection category is broad. However, in his own case, he focused on collecting Fashion Royalty series, especially on those Voyage collections, which featured the glamorous golden era of Hollywood. After his return to his hometown, he keeps observing various seamstresses works and consulting them humblely with his queries.

Twist of Fate:
About a year ago, he began his new dolly adventure by making couture for his Fashion Royalty girls. His first attempt was already a bold attempt to copy the Dior Spring/summer 2007 collection. Obviously, he is not only a good observer but also a fast learner with analytical mind and sharp eyes. He sewed thousands of beads on the dresses by himself. The result was actually overwhelming to someone who has never made any dresses in his life before. Since then, his collection path has changed – his friend is still collecting dolls, and he has stopped buying any but making cloths for his dolls instead. The Christian Dior Project

Challenges to One’s Talent:
He has cut off his own pursuit of luxury brand name goods, CDs and traveling, which he enjoys so much. He would rather stay home after work or during the weekends, and work on the couture now. He said his eyes sting and his fingers hurt by sewing hours after hours. However, he is delighted in finally knowing that his real passion is not collecting dolls but challenging himself in making gorgeous couture. “Challenge” is surely the accurate word. Why? He does not even have a sewing machine at all! He is sewing every single inch by hand. What’s more, he is not working on simple straight line cutting pieces but complicated pattern, bias and asymmetric pattern ones. Now he is focusing on making fashion for 16” girls.

The New Direction of One's Talent Challenge


fashion shoes said...

these are exquisite. I imagine collectors are all over the world for dolls like these.

great blog btw

CarmMeldoll said...

Thanks Cliff for Spot lighting SOS, I love his designs and have encouraged him to post more so we can see his fabulous works of art! Great article!

JK1 said...

What a wonderful article Cliff, and such exquisite work.
Thank you

tamichill said...

I completely understand how SOS feels. His doll garments are Absolutely Gorgeous! I hope to translate my own leftover dreams of being a fashion designer into a newly discovered world of fashion dolls. In just two weeks of discovering a Gene doll in Nashville, Tenn, I have been obsessed 24hours a day with these dolls. Then I discovered Avant Guards, Devadolls and Sybarites, Oh My!! Bravo to SOS! His drive is inspirational...

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

To: Fashion shoes.

Thank you so much for your compliment.

wow..the stuff in your website so so cool!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

To: CarmMeldoll

You are most welcome! I am glad that you enjoy my blog.

Yes, I am sure with more practice and more chances, he could go far much further than now!!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

To: Julia,

Thank you so much for our compliment! Your encouragement means alot to me and a new comer like SOS!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

To: Tamichill

I am glad that this little story gives you inspriation and hopefully lighten up your passion of life again - as a fashion desginer!!!

Show us your works please. I am sure many people would love to see them!!

Iris Blakk said...

What do you mean left over dream? I was the same thing at one point in life was a fashion designer. Now I'm not and went depress for years. Recently I found taht fashion doll can be my outlet and it give me dream and hope again! I can totally understand how SOS feels.

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