Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Chinese Style Cloth Rail - for 16 - 17"

I have been longing for a cloth rail for my girls to show off what they have for quite some time now! Lately, the long waited Jackie-rail of Sybarite is released. Too bad that it is not what I am looking for. I actually would prefer something with lower rack stretches in front, and with more designer touch on the cloth rail!

So I decided to use a Chinese calligraphy brush hanger and utilities it as the cloth rail. Although it also does not have the height of the lower rail as I wish, it has a section in the lower level that I could play with. It turned out to be just the right scale for 16” girls. I have 2 packs of Matt O’Neal’s hangers, and they fit in well also! Now my girls have something cool with characters to show off their cloths and accessories! Is there any other stuff that you have at home could be transformed into a cool cloth rail? If you have any creative ideas, I would love to see them!
P.S.: I have one a little bit smaller in size for sale. For details, please see here, here, and here. or email me for details wanna_hv_fun@hotmail.com
Picture credit: All photographed by Cliff


James said...

these are brilliant idea! sell, sell, sell! Great scale for the fashions, most rails so far are too short for the gowns :-)

Cliff said...

Thanks...I am glad you like this idea. I actually think that I myself is very smart this time! LOL!!!!

Terri Gold said...

I love it. I was also looking at the Sybarite clothes rack but decided against it.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Thank you very much, Terri! I think mine is much better than C&D's one too! Hehe!!