Monday, September 7, 2009

Exclusive Barbie Cake Series in Hong Kong – You could do better than that!

Ever since I put my foot in the fashion doll world, besides browsing through internet for new information, I did my research in some department stores. Barbie is probably the only source that I could find in Hong Kong and learn from it. I must admit that I am never a Barbie fan. Although I do not appreciate much of Barbie’ fashion quality, I learnt what a fashion doll should be – lots of style varieties and plenty of accessories to go with.

After having more experiences on fashion doll, I found out that Barbie community is so small in Hong Kong. There is a Barbie club here but it never drew much attention. It seems that it is only targeted at 8 years old to me. Now I finally understand why Barbie is fading here!

They Missed The Golden Promotion Chances
There was one Barbie doll exhibition ran at a shopping mall here to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The day when I visited it, there were many visitors and they took many pictures. The whole display area is very plain, the show case and the backdrop were very basic. There was neither information on the history of Babie, the event schedules (probably there were nothing else ), nor description on the uniqueness of each displayed doll.
What a pity that it missed its golden chance to introduce Barbie concepts, historial meaning to alot of people's childhood etc. Especially, what they should have done is to give those precious vintage or designer Barbie some attractive descriptions. They just do not know how many potential customers were there. Very different from the US or Europe, the image of Barbie to most local here is a piece of cheap plastic with lots of clothing and accessories for 8 years old kids.
They had such a great platform and timing for introducing Barbie to the target audiences (which is enormous, dear!!!). It could be treated as a perfect communication and education channel and encourage interaction with the visitors to "evoke" the passion of collection! Obviously, neither the PR event organisor nor the master mind of the exhibition are doll collectors themselves. I did not see the passion there at all!

The Exclusive Barbie Cake Series Pamphlet

I Thought that It Would be Cool!
Finally, I thought that I have seen an interesting cross-over here a few weeks ago – exclusive Barbie cake series by a famous food enterprise, Maxims. I was kind of curious to check the website of Maxims. Too bad, there is no description or any interesting messages about it at all. The cake pictures there are tiny and without “click to enlarge” function, don't even expect a delegated page for exclusive Barbie cakes. Nothing at all! What's more, the cake is expensive with the price tage at US100 or more. That pushes customers away. Another miss of golden PR (public relations) chances!!

The discount coupons on the pamphlet

US100 for this cake
I Could Make You Big, Barbie!
I always think that if I were responsible to PR Barbie, I would be able to make it fun and make big in Hong Kong. You deserve a better treat, Poor Barbie!!!

Picture credit: Mixims Barbie Cake Series pamphlet

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