Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Here is the Review of Pharatee, Indian Deva

I have got the approval of Deva guys to post these pictures of the prototype of Pharatee before she is officially for pre-order on their website (http://www.devadolls.com/). They are really happy to hear how much we all love Deva's productions. These talented artists are working very hard on finalizing this stunning Indian Deva (angel) as they want to give their customers the best product. I am so thankful that even thought as busy as they are now, they still spared me with some time, and previewed this must-have angel to me!

I am privileged to have the chance to meet with this Indian Deva, to feel and to touch her, and taking photos of her! Now, I am honored to be able to share some pictures of Pharatee with all Deva's fans here! Please enjoy, my friends! (P.S.: this is the prototype, so the actual product might vary, please understand)

Picture credit: all by Cliff. Please do not use any of these pictures for your ebay or any other selling. Thank you very much!


Dani said...

Beautiful. I love how she looks India without throwing stereotypes in your face with bhindi's and saris. Indian woman are all one type!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Yes, I agreed. Pharatee is so contemporary, with a Indian touch but not over do!