Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to Keep Your Doll Happy & Clean

It is always a homework for collectors on the topic of how to keep your doll clean and happy. Even though you have your precious dolls displayed inside a glass cabinet with doors or inside their boxes, staining problem, dust collecting are inevitable in a certain extent.

Below is a list of doll care tips by the creator of RDD dolls, Keith. You might have known some of them already, but it is good to have some experts to keep reminding us on what we should do and not to do!


1. KEEP YOUR DOLL OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT AND EXTREME TEMPERATURES: We know how detrimental UV ray can be to our skin, so does it to your beloved RDGdoll.We are currently looking into improving the formulae for the resin we use. So meantime, before we found the magic formulae, avoid prolong direct contact with sunlight and extreme temperatures.

2. TENDER LOVING CARE: I know it sounds ridiculous. But do keep a pair of white cotton gloves handy and when dressing or playing with your doll, use them! You would be surprised how much cleaner your doll stays with your tender care.
3. STAIN REMOVAL (NOT FOOL PROOF though): If your doll does get marks on it or gets dirty from handling, you can clean it up with a Mr. Clean Super Sponge. Dampen the sponge and gently clean. Do be very careful around the face paint as you do not want to end up removing an eyebrow or cheek color if you don’t pay attention!

4. RDG SOCKET "MOTHBALL": Especially for outfits which are cut slimmer at the sleeve openings or hem, we would encourage the use of these little handy "mothballs" to avoid snagging your outfit or worse, snapping the fingers! Carefully pull the hands (hold palms, NEVER fingers!)/feet away from the socket, slip in a paperclip through the elastic band and change the hands to the "mothballs" before pulling the paperclip out.

5. COLOR TRANSFER/ STAINING: Be careful NOT TO leave your doll dressed in dark colors or anything red/navy for too long. These colors are prone to color transfer despite being treated for color fastness. They can sometimes fade and stain your doll's precious garb or even worse, the resin. Mr. Clean Super Sponge can sometimes, but not always, remove this.

6. WIG CAPS: Use a wigcap as much as possible. It does not only help hold the wig in place but it also protects the head from staining from dark colored wigs. A

wig cap like this is about US8-10 (

7. POISE & POSTURE: Use a doll stand unless the doll is sitting. Even dolls that balance beautifully by themselves can tip over and fall off a shelf.



Terri Gold said...

Great tips! The only one I don't follow is the white glove part. I like to touch my dolls. They are not vintage and it's a big part of my enjoyment to feel the fabrics and the doll herself. Having clean hands and a clean work area is very important but as long as I'm deboxing the doll, I'm touching it.

JimFi said...

me too, I'm just too lazy to use the gloves! The tip is meant more for the handling of resin dolls, particularly those like Sybs and RDG, which have a special matt finish. The natural oils in our hands transfer to the resin (often unseen) and over time they become shiny and more prone to dust and grease.

Still, I'm lazy like a said and don't treat them with 'kid gloves' as I should! Especially given how much they cost! LOL!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hello Terri and Fi,

I guess it is a common scene that we would like to feel and touch our dolls and cloth with our naked hands! I actually bought a dozen of cotton gloves and they are put inside a drawer. I only use glove when I play with my bigger BJDs, like Aaron or Luo. I hardly use gloves to handle Sybarite or Deva...although I always think that I should have done so!