Monday, September 14, 2009

It Blows My Head Off - Mad Max Numina Girl, Asher

To those who collect feminine fashion doll and also interested in macho action figures or Sci Fi movies like me, the new pictures of Paul Pharm would really blows our heads off.

Unlike the pass official pictures of Grey that are showing the feminine side of fashion doll, these shoots have given a new definition to what a fashion doll could be – they could look sassy in high fashion, yet could be dominate like action heroines. Pictures speak louder than words, let’s see the powerful shot of Paul’s Numina glamours girl became a Mad Max Lady! The new doll of Paul, Asher, is now available for order at his official website Dollcis
--> US702.5 USA with insured priority (tax might apply)
--> US730 Int’l EMS with insurance (tax might apply)

Product Description:
A bit of the Futurist, a bit of the Mad Max, a bit of the edge, Asher stomps onto the scene in a high collared and pleated wrap dress in sinuous black metallic cinched with a clear obi. Black Banded heels, Deep rose-colored hose and jewelled arm gauntlets set off the bold look with its red and coal eyeshadow and bright metallic silver lid atop high gloss pink lips and asymmetric honeyed curls. And of course all hand painted and blushed by her creator. Limited Edition 50. Please visit the GALLERY to see other images of Asher.Shipping in late September. Full amount will be charged when order is placed. Please note USA buyers, choose Priority Shipping. International buyers, please choose Express Shipping. Charge will appear on your credit card from Datatex Media.
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