Monday, September 14, 2009

New Inque - The 1st of 4 Basic Dolls of Superfrock in The Year End

To my good friends, it is not a secret that I have a weakness towards tanned skin dolls. I have a review on the very first African American Superdoll, Inque, in my blog. I was so overwhelmed by her charm. She has the most gorgeous skin tones that I have seen. Although I like her very much, I must admit that her forehead is kind of too long that makes she looks too strong. In another word, in some angles, she looks like a drag queen. It is also not easy to play with wigs.

In about an hour ago, Superfrock has just released another Inque. She has a revised scrulpt and new skin tone. I wonder if her forehead has been shortened or not. Inque is in a show girl outfits, which is very basic. I wish it would be more "bling, bling". The rubber band on her wig is kind of funny to me. Her nipples are painted in gold, and I like this magical touch! In particular, I like her eye make up. She is GBP327.5, which is equivalent to US550. (tax and shipping exclusive), LE200

Product Description:
Gilt & Fortune: First in a series of 4 basic dolls for 2009
  • INQUE clone: 0602, revised sculpt, new skintone!
  • Here she is a delicious dark chocolate coloured deity!
  • Dressed in 'leopard' and bronze tone corselette with hose, heels and neck corset!Includes, strap on tangerine and black ponytail and dollstand.
  • applied glittering nipples and applied eyelashes.*actual production shown .
  • LE200 In stock ready to ship
  • Price: £327.50 (Excluding VAT at 15%)
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