Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Transformation - Womanlized Jessica by Chewin

About a month ago, Chewin and I had the below conversation.

Chewin: Jessica of Iplehouse is out for order now, are you going to buy her?

Cliff: Oh yea, I saw it. I am hesitating.

Chewin: Why?

Cliff: Jessica is gorgeous! I love her full figure. But her cartoonist look makes me hestiatate on ordering her."

Chewin: You should give Luo a girl friend, Cliff !

Cliff: Yea, I know. However, Luo has a human look, but Jessica is more cartoonist. Do you think they would be a matching couple?

Chewin: Yes, she is. But I could repaint her, remember? I could give her a human like look.

Cliff: I wish I could do repaint like you do. Can’t wait to see your amazing work again!
Macho-lized Luo by Chewin needs a sexy girl friend
The official faceup of Jessica

Really, within a month, Chewin has her Jessica transformed from a childish teenage girl with a fully developed female body into a real woman.

When I saw these pictures of Chewin’s repaint, again, I am speechless. So... no more speaking, let's enjoy Chewin's repaints!

Faceup and body brushing by Chewin

Humm....Jessica...where is your hands? What are you doing?
Picture credit: Chewin,

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