Saturday, October 17, 2009

Body Structure Comparison of Some Hot Girls For Your Information

*** Warning: Doll Nudity!! View at Your Own Discretion Please ***

(Deva, Older version of Deva, AvantGuard, Sybarite)

With the economy downturn, collectors are more caution on spending. Quite a number of us are having the "wait and see" attitude on which doll to buy, or trying to concentrate on just one or tow types of doll, rather than the past attitude of "having at least one of each". Oh well, at least, it is more or less my current situation.

-- Counting the New Dolls: (click on the doll name for the hyper links)

Looking back in the past 2 years, there are many new dolls being released, especially 16" tall fashion chicks, who have helped to bring in some new sensation to the market. After the Sybarite boom (BJD), there are Paul Pham's Grey(BJD), Jason Wu's AvantGuards (non-BJD) and RDG's Camille (BJD) joined the scene. No sooner had collectors are struggling on which one to buy, then the new Deva doll (BJD) showed up like a tornado and swept people's feet off. Out of a sudden, the Jamieshow dolls (BJD) debuted with a series named "Blossom" which is an AngelicDreamz exclusive. Now, Marie Osmond has just announced the her new 16" fashion doll (non-BJD, not even articulated as seen on the pictures)!

-- Collectors Concerns --

With all the new dolls flooding in the market and limited dolly money on hand (or on paypal), we all concern who has the best body figure? Whether they are posable enough to be a catwalk and cover girl? Do they come with designer dresses and well accessorized? Most of all, whether they could share wardrobes and shoes! If not, are there sufficient fashion, wigs, shoes (Haha, I love wigs and shoes), accessories in the market for us to spoil them with? Last but not least, are they friendly priced? Hummm, yes, price....friendly price, you know what I mean!

-- My Points of View --

According to what I have, the good news is - Sybarite, Grey, AvantGuard, Camille, old and new Deva, even Jamieshow could share shoes. However, the bad news is - the cat fighting scene in the back stage is not as sever - they could not share clothes nor wigs, in most cases!

Sybarite has the biggest butt and thick thigh that makes her very trucky and curvy. She must has cloth on to look sassy and sexy, especially on the lower half! If you want cloth that totally fit her, sorry, please be preparing to empty your wallet, paypal balance or even get ready to rub a bank for them. The prices of anything branded as "sybarite" could be a rib-off.

Meanwhile, AvantGuard has the worse body design of all. Besides her very floppy body, over lengthy torso, she is too slim to share other girls' wardrobes! I have no idea why Jason Wu would make such a big mistake considering his 10 years experiences in this industry. Probably he is too busy with her human fashion career and interviews with presses! (Many collectors are happy for his flying career while complaining about that) AvantGurad must have something to cover her ugly body! Unfortunately, so far she has no extra clothes being released except the default ones.

Meanwhile, Grey has the most femine body, almost like full figure. She even has rips (see my previous blog). Although Paul's Grey does not has its own branded fashion to be sold solely yet, she could share Tonner and Sybarite's wardrobes.

As for Camile (see my preview on her here) and Jamieshow, they have very similar body, which are very good in proportion and beautiful like department store mannequins. They could also share other 16" dresses without difficulties.

Speaking from my personal taste, Deva has the most amazing body sculpt. Deva's uniqueness comes from her incredible poseability, plus a perfect natural female body shape, not overly sized in some part, or underdo on the others. Since Deva's size is unique, she could not fit in all other 16" girls' dresses without alternation or pins. However, Deva could look just sexy and chic even without any cloth on! Just give her wigs, shoes and jewellery, Deva could beat anyone in the catwalk!

-- My Loosing Sleep, So You Could See --

P.S.: I don't know what's wrong with me tonight. I usually got to bed and could fall into sleep in 5 seconds, no kidding!! I know some people like pillow talks. So, if you want to talk to me on the bed (ok...or on the bed side, if you insist !!), don't even try to give me a pillow! But tonight, I woke up in the middle of the night and then decided to take some snap shots of their body comparison for your enjoyment. Grey and Camille are sleeping quietly in their boxes, so I let them continue their sweet dreams! I should have posed them more and showed their posability here. Oh time...I am sleepy now!
Picture credit: All photographed by Cliff. Please ask before you reuse any pictures.


Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Sorry, I tried to repost this article, so I copied the comments from the previous post and pasted here.

3 comments: Terri Gold said...
Great post, Cliff. I agree with you on the subject of the avantguard body. It is floppy and way too thin. I have had success with the Gene Marshall line of clothing on the AGs. Even the shoes fit. But I have decided to stop collecting the AGs. They are not fun to play with because of the loose joints.
October 16, 2009 11:20 PM
Cliff - Hong Kong said...
Yes, Terri, we could see many people are throwing their AG out in the market, and their price value is actually depreciating! I would say if AG's price full set at US150 would be fair. But at US250 level with such cheap plastics and horrible body and loosing joint, it is a real rib off.
October 17, 2009 5:19 AM
CarmMeldoll said...
Another outstanding article Cliff! I do have a question, do the old deva clothes fit the new deva's at all? I have heard their heads are larger, but I wasn't sure about the clothes and shoes...

October 17, 2009 10:21 AM

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Yes, CarmMeldoll,

Basically they both can share cloth. However, the older version of Deva's body is a little bigger than the new one. And her legs are shorter. I have put older Deva on Manhattan Mei Lei's default dress, she fits in perfectly! The head of older Deva is much bigger than new Devas. As a matter of face, each never Deva's head size is different!!! I hop the above information helps!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help me ,where can i buy a Deva Doll? please please help......

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hey, dear.
There is a very friendly and helpful yahoo group delicated to Deva Dolls. There are buy and sell of Deva dolls happening there~


Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for helping me i thought my fingers were going to fall off with all the searching. so fingers crossed i might get a Deva at last.
P.s are the Devas very expensive?

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hi dear. If you go to the database of the Fashi9onDevaDolls yahoo group, there is a list of each doll with LE # as well as price. They are getting a bit expensive as the US$ is so weak and Deva dolls changed to a better resin for production!

For the 2nd hand market, especailly those OOAK ones, the prices could be vary and cost you a hand or two.

Hope the above information helps!