Saturday, October 24, 2009

Meeting Womanized Jesscia in Real In Bangkok

*** Warning: Doll Nudity - view at your own discretion ***

As blogged in my previous post (click here) about how Chewin has womanized Jessica from a cartoonist teenager look, I have finally met her in real when I was in Bangkok in September. Chewin brought her over to see me and we played together!

The womanized Jessica is now has a full faceup with nude lips, a double layered upper eyelashes (It is my first time to see this kind of eyelashes arrangement), pink manicure, very natural body brush etc. The black sexy dress and stocking are made by Chewin, and the red lingerie is the default set. She looks so real! As you could see that she has a full body figure. With such a massive use of resin, Jessica is about 3kg in weight. But the smart body structure design by Iplehouse allows her to pose some difficult big movements, Chewin and I experimented together on the sexy poses.

Chewin and I have met for quite a number of times now, but it was our very first time to have dolly time together! During the first 10 minutes of photo shooting, I did not realize the wrong camera mould setting, so the pictures came out poorly. However, after I have reset everything, Jessica has already warmed up herself, and ready to strike some poses for the camera! This womanized Jessica photo session really gave me some great memory!

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Anonymous said...

Hello! the doll is perfect and Beautiful! i hae a question! where can i found that dress? buy it anywhere? THANKS!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hi there. Thank you for reading my blog. You can buy the dress from Iplehouse's office website.