Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Angie Deva Doll Review – Please Don’t Hate Me

Another record of online pre-ordering, I am sure! The Angie Deva Doll with LE40 was sold our within just one single minute on 13th Dec. 2009. I know a server online war happened in the midnight time of Thailand, as I am one of the defeated worriers. Just like in the past 3 releases of Deva dolls, I had no luck in any attempts. But just like last time, I was able to see and hold this doll in real and write a review! (Oh, please don't hate me, I love you all! :-p)

Angie tried on Pattaart's cross play wig, yet as cool!

Deva guys brought along Angie to show me after they knew that I was not able get one online the night before. They came to my hotel room in the late evening. When they opened the doll box, I definitely saw some glow shining out of it. To be honest, the official pictures of Angie look a bit too mature to me. But in real, she has a lovely radiance skin tone and very sexy!

Angie’s donut top mixed blond pony tail wig is light in weight and looks very nature. It would be very easy to get along with any fashion for any occasions. Her peach pinkish body brushing on her white skin tone is natural and tells me that Deva guys have further improved their brushing skills.

If you asked if Angie’s eyes is side glanced or not, I would say "Well, she looks as if they are left side glancing! However, she also looks like looking forward if you check her out from the front. But then again, if you look at her eyes from downwards, she looks as if she is kind of looking upwards! You can see the pictures here to see it yourself.

Anyway, the sure thing is that Angie has smoky eye liner contrast with her salt and pepper eye color. However, her eye brows seems a little bit too dark to me. I would love her ever more if she has lighter or straighter eyebrows. Angie is the only face mold amongst all the Devas with her lips look slightly opened. To be exact, it “looks like” they are but actually not opened. The lips are nude rosy pink glossy.

The outfit is cool. It is like a sequel of last Pharatee. Pharatee is in gold but Angie is in white color scheme. Pharatee is like ready for a Bollywood red carpet party in her gold evening gown, and Angie is like ready to be on stage as a Rock’n Roll vocalist in silver white pants and overly long fringe coat. I wish I have a guitar and a microphone with stand as pops while I was taking her pictures. Pharatee came with very nice jewelry; Angie does not have ear rings but a necklace. Angie’s jacket is laces see through, with a long Thai silk thread on the back. With the high arch on the back of the jacket, it makes her legs look ultra long! One thing I must not forget to mention is her shoes! Oh…the shoe is to dye for! The base is translucent with tiny glittering spots inside. The surface of the shoes is weaved with Lyon wire. Since Angie’s skin tone is white, so the wire becomes nude on her. I have tried it on a black doll which shows the details of the work. I love it!!!

Picture credit: all by Cliff CHAN, all rights reserved. Please do not reuse of these for any purposes. Should you need to use any of them, please ask first! wanna_hv_fun@hotmail.com


Alison said...

Oh, you lucky! She's fabulous!

I've really loved seeing your photos of these ladies on Facebook, Cliff. Great sneak-peek article! )

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hello Alison, ok, I will upload them in my facebook soon! Thank you very much!