Sunday, December 6, 2009

Articulated Fingers (Jointed Hands)

As an articulated doll lover myself, if a fashion doll/action figures could pose like human being yet with gracefully sculpted body, I would probably take out my wallet and pay for it. I enjoy undressing my dolls, action figures to check out the construction of their bodies. Trying to see what makes them so poseable or not as poseable as I wanted. The beauty of a doll and its poseable does not necessarily mutually exclusive! Isn't it?

Evolution of Articulation

My serious action figures collection started with Bandai’s Ryutsu Kankichi in the 90s (click here), which has articulated fingers (some call it jointed hands) and toes. So that he could knee on single knee and holding arms firmly. Ryutsu is a household famous animation character in Japan. That action figure series came with 7 difficult facial expressions and ensembles. I have them all with some doubles. I remembered how fascinated I was by that articulation design and material used, and kept playing with it all the time. But that was back in the 90s. Now, articulated fingers or toes on dolls or action figures are not that rare. Oh well, I am not talking about the "fingers" like Jason Wu's Avant Guard. That one looks too funny and functionless. Nor am I talking about the extra expressive hand parts that some dolls would come with (such as Jamieshow, RDG). They are for cool poseing but not "articualted".

My very first fashion doll with articulated fingers is from NEO by VOLKS. I had it put on the Boyfriend fasion doll of Who's That Girl. However, the quality is bad, the finger parts either feel off easily because of fatigue or break easily. It is not well engineered at all. The 2nd one that I came across is Soomdoll’s Super Gem Spinel. It is far much better designed and could pose greatly! It is only sold when you order a doll from them. But now, in China there are several manufactures such as DZ, DK, AS produced wonderful articulated fingers parts. And their price is only 1/3 of what Korean made is.

Articulated hands have different sizes and nails options
Picture credit: AS, DK, DZ


Tran said...

it's so wonderful but I have model doll high 42cm, I don't think joint hand can fit with her

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

I think the small one would be in similar size, Tran!

Deltastar said...

I am working on a Stop Motion animation and have been looking for an idea for strong jointed fingers to animate for my puppets, but would last longer than using wire armatures.

Would you know where I can purchase just the hand parts only and find the BEST and SMALLEST ones for shipment to the United Kingdom? I am really desperate and will happily pay a good price for them as long as they are strong, very articulated and small as the puppets I make are quite small.

Do you know where I can buy them?

Cliff - Hong Kong said...


I could not find your contact from your post, so I post a reply to you here.

I have an extra pair of jointed hands by DK for 70cm tall BJD, not sure if it is what you are looking for or not. Please email me at, which is also my MSN.


juguetero said...

love this dolls!!

juguetero said...
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