Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Like Asymmetrical Style with Color Contrast – Malaika Deva Doll

(Doll Nudity - view it at your own discretion please!)
*** I have posted these pictures on Prego before I left for Bangkok. When I showed these pictures to Deva guys, they commented why I did not upload it in my blog also! Then I think, "Yes, why not? ***

Although I have been collecting action figures and fashion dolls for quite some years now, my knowledge on how to describe fashion is still very limited. Such as the style, fabric, color, not to mention how to pronounce some of the dolls’ names which are in French or Italian! However, there are 2 words that I learnt about on describing cuttings --> “asymmetrical” and “bias” as I love these 2 styles.
I am lucky enough to have a Deva black Malaika, a white Afro wig by Patta, and the ensemble of Sybarite’s Voltaire (is that French again?). The Voltaire ensemble is cool, it has asymmetrical bias lace up on the chocker and the corset. I found the cap of this outfits is a bit too tight for Malaika, so I decided to use it as the single sleeve, and it has become an "asymmetrical" point. What so happened is that the left eye lash of Malaika has fallen off, so it created another "asymmetrical" element.
I LOVE color with big “contrast”, Malaika's skin tone goes so well with the white of Voltaire ensemble. I coordinated them all but gave up using the original white stocking and replaced it with a golden one. I found it with stronger impact that way.
I have taken a few shots before I flew to Bangkok for another amazing trip! It was in a rush. Otherwise, I could pose her more with whatever pops that I could fine!

Picture credits: All by Cliff CHAN

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