Monday, December 28, 2009

Kyra is Now Officially Known as Ms. Latte with a Reason

Going back to Bangkok is a ritual of mine in the past decade. The main purpose is to give my gratitude to the 4-face Buddha for her blessing of the whole year; meeting my dear friends and doing some shopping are also part of the reasons. In the past few years, I have other good excuses to return to Bangkok by the year end - that is for doll hunting and doll chatting as well.

This time of visit was 2 weeks before Christmas time, yet the high season hotel rate had already applied. So I told myself that there better be something enjoyable and memorable to justify my high spending on hotel accommodation this time – either it happens or I will make it happen! And…yea, its just happened out in a way out of everybody’s expectation!

How It Turned Out To Be a Memorable Trip

Chewin and I have met for twice during my trip, and had some longer chat then before. One of our meetings has high lighted this trip and made it a memorable one for all of us!

The day me and my friend met with Chewin was at a shopping center near where he lives. He was supposed to review his repaint of my basic FR Homme Pierre and Kyra, the black Jamieshow doll! Probably, it is the very first Kyra which got a new “faceup” that I have ever seen since she is shipped out! And, doubtlessly, it is the also the very first “face-down” of any repaints that I have ever seen.

On that day we met, my Thai friend also joined this meeting at a fast food shop at Lak Pao. Chewin came with big smile on his face as usual. He took out my repainted Pierre which I had waited for months! Chewin never disappointed me with his works. Pierre has a gorgeous faceup with subtle body hair. I know Pierre would be as gorgeous, so he was not my focus of this meeting. Instead, my heart was pumping hard and fast waiting for Chewin to take out the very first Kyra repaint that would be.

My only instruction to Chewin is “bold color to brighten up Kyra’s face”. Chewin’s repaint is far much vivid than the original one. Now, Kyra has more smoky eyes, big area of gold and yellow eye shadow, orange and brownish glossy lips, coated with matt finish to reduce the glossy on her. Out of my surprise, Chewin brought along Patta’s color Afro wig to let me see the effect. He told me how much his gangs (Patta, Niramol, Phong, Deva guys) love the face mold and the body of Jaimeshow, and that they would definitely love to order a few for his friends and himself.

Face Up and Face Down

While Chewin and I were chit chatting of this and then, my Thai friend tried to put Kyra’s head into Patta’s Afro wig. In order to avoid destroying the shape of afro wig or adding greasy finger prints on Kyra, he “carefully” held it with only his thumb and middle finger. I saw his hands were shaking and struggling. Before I could warn him, Kyra’s head had slipped out from his 2 cutie fingers like a wet soap slipping out from his hands, and dived into’s his Café Latte within a flash. Before Kyra could even yield an “Ouch!”, her face was downward and hit at the bottom of the Café Latte cup.

Kyra after being "resined"
My friend had jumped up from his seat and did not know what to do! The gossiping between Chewin and I had stopped! All of us faced “down” to that cup of Latte. Then, the next thing I heard was “Resin!” from Chewin. After the chaos, we checked the faceup of Kyra which was totally faced “down” a minute ago. Although my friend said Kyra still looked the same, I have a feeling that she has changed! Fortunately, Chewin was there and has kindly agreed to retouch Kyra’s face again and add more shaping on her cheek for me, and that I could collect her the next day at the same place. The 2nd face up came up with stronger impact on her eyes and better cheek bone shading! I am so pleased!
Kyra after being resured from the Cafe Latte

Since then, when we mention about my Kyra, we all refer her as Ms. Latte! So, when you want to ask any questions about my Kyra repaint by Chewin in the future, you know how to address her - “Ms. Latte”!

This funny episode has become one of the highlights of this trip, which would be a laughing topic amongst my Thai dolly buddies forever!

This is the first face up

Kyra with the factory faceup

Picture credit: All by Cliff CHAN,

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Terri Gold said...

She is a gorgeous doll. I've never seen a Chewin repaint that I didn't like.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Thank you very much, Terri! Yes, Chewin' works always make me dance!!