Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Retrospection On The New Year's Eve - The Gain and The Lost

Today is the New Year’s Eve, it is time to gather the bits and pieces of what have happened on me in 2009 and draw some conclusions.

It has been a fruitful year to me in terms of doll collection in 2009. First of all, I have started this blog in 29th. Nov. 2008. With 80 posts (this one is the 81st), it recorded 73,738 (as the time writing is 9:22pm) hits in 13 months’ time, which is equivalent to 5,672 hits per month and 186 hits per day. I have no idea about other doll blogs, but I am so overwhelmed by this figure of mine.

Besides this quantitative result, I also have other qualitative ones. I did not realize how much I have learnt about doll of various types until I have put them down into words. I also have made some very good dolly friends, and have the privileges to interview some great artists or even met with them in person. I have received emails from collectors from time to time telling me they treat my blog as a buying guide reference. A few even telling me that the artists that I have featured did inspire them to be a doll fashion designer.

These experiences have enriched my life as a doll collector as well as brightened up my down spirit caused by the pathetic investment lost after the financial tsunami. The original purpose on having this blog was to record my doll collection track, and express my perspectives on various dolls as an Asian collector, which could be very different from non-Asian. Now my blog seems to have other new missions.

Counting about the lost of this year, I think the pass away of my forever teenage idol, Farrah Fawcett, is the next biggest lost to my hard saving. I heard this sad news when I was traveling in Eastern Europe. Farrah played a very important part of my teenager life and I was the biggest die hard fan of hers. After my return, I gathered quite a lot of stories through various media about her life, which I have never heard of. Despite of the inspiring documentary on her cancel fighting true-man show, some of the others stories of her are not so good – drugs, infidelity, ill relationships with the wrong men, and family pathology.

After her death, I have seen some OOAKs which were tributes to the late Farrah. The best two that I have seen are the one by the very talented Noel Cruz, the other one is on eBay (did not know the artist name). Although Farrah’s actual life might not be as angelic as the image she had projected on the screen, her cheerful, sassy, optimistic and athletic Jill Monore character would live in my heart forever. I would surely love to have an OOAK Jill Monore doll in the nearest future to remind me of keep being positive and energetic!

2010 is just round the corner, I am sure no matter what I have learnt, earned or lost in 2009, it would enrich my life and make me a wiser and better man for the years to come - Keep faith, do good and be true to myself!!

The OOAK Farrah by Noel Cruz - Original 12" doll by Mego

An OOAK on eBay - Original The Glamour Center Farrah Doll by Mego

The left one is the original doll, the right one is the amazing OOAK

Picture credit: Noel Cruz, OOAK the Farrah Glamour Center (don't know who is the owner)

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Craig said...

I wish you could add a photo of the one Noel did of the Beauty Salon one. THe one you posted has great hair but the one Noel did of her face looks way more like Farrah's face, more realistic and better than this one. Did you see it too?

Craig said...

But I did want to add I think this one is good too. THe hairstyle is amazing considering how it originally looked. The hair on this one is the best while the face on Noel's of the Beauty center one looks more like Farrah. He did well on the hairstyle but not quite as good as this one.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hi Graig, yes, I did see the one Noel Cruz did on the Beauty Salon too...that one is as great!!

But that one is made much later than this blog entry ....:-P

Craig said...

Just now reading your reply. Oh I understand so you are unable to add a photo later to a blog entry. I was hoping you could where one could see a picture of it near the one by that other artist. Thanks.