Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sparking New Year Theme of Deva Official Website - Amazing!!!

Hum... excuse me! It seems that I could not local my brain!
I guess it has just got blown off!!!!!
What a nice surprise to see a totally different makeup style from what we are familiar with Deva dolls. just uploaded pictures of 3 new OOAK Angie"s" with vibrant color i.e.: different level of red, pink, yellow, green etc. I could not tell all 3 of them are actually from the same face mould. Each make up is unique and show how versatile Angie could be. The posing of the girls are so vivid and full of motion too, with the bold color of their wig and x'mas "dress", it has created a really festival mood pictures! It surely is one of my best 2009 X'mas surprises.

Picture credits: Deva Dolls (

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Fiona said...

Love the warm color..