Sunday, January 4, 2009

Grey is Finally Here for the New Year Start! (Nudity pictures shown, please view under your own discretion)

- My Review !!!! – One of the lucky 50 worldwide!

(Previous reviewed by Judy Moore 20th Dec. 08)

After over 15 days of waiting, Grey, the debut 16” BJD doll of Paul Pham’s Numina series, has finally arrived! I ran to the post office and collected her without any delay!

When the post office officer passed me that parcel, I was shocked by the light weight of the box. But I am honestly happy! Why? It is because I'm against those over-packaging practices. It does not only cost so much more for postage but also a waste of paper and other materials (save the earth please!). In some countries, the more glamorous the package looks like, the higher the possibility of higher duty. It does not reflect the true value of the item! The package should only be good enough to protect the doll from traveling. I pay for the doll and don’t want to pay for those puffy packaging. Any excessive package would not make the doll look better to me! I am glad that Paul did it the right way! Like who he is - always low profile but does great jobs!

(nice shoes)

Ultra Feminine Body Sculpt:
When I hold Grey on my hand, she gave me a similar feeling to Deva doll - Their weight is very similar and they are so easy to handle. You would not feel any fear on handling them, breaking them. Instead giving the fact that they are so articulated, you would feel like playing with them right away. I took her dresses off and checked out all body sculpt details of Grey.

Trust me! She has an ultra feminine body sculpt in great human likeness portion. And they are slightly brushed to give dimension.

(very articulated body)

  • Breasts: She has a great breasts shape, very natural! It looks cool with or without clothes on.
  • Torso: Her torso is divided into 2 parts and separated from the rip cage. It provides her with great flexibility on bending sideways, and forward.
  • Rip cage: You can see she has ribs sculpted.
  • Hips: unlike Sybarite, Grey’s waist and hips are molded in one single piece. She has wonderful hip bones. It makes her body line looks very natural and sexy! She would look so hot on lower waist jeans, short pants and bikini for sure!
  • Hands: She has the human scale of hands, fingers separated, detailed and nicely bushed
  • Legs: one of the best that I have ever seen. Gorgeous knee caps and nicely shaped shank. Grey can fit Tonner’s shoes, and her feet arch is almost the same as Sybarite!

(beautiful legs and knee cap)

(in Syb outfits, Tonner shoes)
Having mentioned all the good points, is there any other lesser attractive points?

Face Paint:From the perspective of an Asian and my personal preference, Grey's European face mould is very sexy. But I found her face paint is kind of cold – it could be caused by her forward glanced eyes. I always LOVE LOVE Paul’s repaint, and I myself possess a repaint by Paul (Thanks to Judy!) – which is my treasure! However, his signature way of repaint could not be found on Grey. Obviously, Paul wants to differentiate his own creation from other repaints of his. Therefore, comparing them is not so fair.

Ear Pierce: There have been many discussions going on about why Sybarite has no ear pierced. Collectors are too scare to drill the ear holes by themselves in fear of broken the fragile expensive doll! It is kind of disappointed that there is no ear pierced on Grey. How could a couture fashion doll without some accessories like earrings to complete with?

Material Use:
According to Paul, he used the material called polyurethane resin (I think it is the same material as It is light in weight and the surface is not as smooth as resin. You can feel and see the textile, especially under bright light. Some people have a wrong perception that the heavier the weight, the better the quality; the breakable the doll is, the more precious it should be. However, the fact is, if you blend clay with resin, it would be heavier in weight, with good radiance, more brittle but the cost is, believe it or not, cheaper! Similar case applies to fiberglass resin. I have a friend who is familiar with resins also told me the same story

Let’s Play Hard
Paul said that the Polyurethane has the property of elasticity. Grey’s finger broke after being bent for about 20 degrees. Amazing, isn’t it? So there is no worry when you try to put Grey’s hand through the sleeves. I guess that is why Paul gave Grey bigger hands and dared to give her separated fingers!

(detail seperated fingers)

(Wow…it could be bended up to 20 degrees…but bend it at your own risk!)