Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New AvantGuards by Integrity Jason Wu 2009

Yin & Yang Sexy/ Masculine & Feminine AvantGurad Girls

AvantGuard girls have been quite a talk of the town in the past few months. Why? Besides the heavy delay in releasing it to the market, and this 16” vinyl & plastic fashion doll have over 20 points of articulation – head, shoulders, elbows, waist, upper thighs and knees, with interchangeable hands, articulated fingers and toes, etc. Although such articulation is nothing new, it was still highly expected by collectors.

To me, it is quite obvious that AvantGurad girls came to the scene as the rivals of Sybarite, which has currently dominated the 16” high fashion catwalk chic doll market. Although they are made of different materials - Sybarite is resin BJD, while AvantGurad is vinyl and plastic jointed; and the price tag are falling into 2 different categories, we could still imagine some cat fighting upfront on the runway as well as in the doll markets at the back stage.

The first 3 AvantGuard girls – LiveWire, Lush and Electric, were released by the year end of 2008. With the strong face feature and bold use of color on faceup, you either like them or dislike them! Judging from the no. of nude dolls selling in the 2nd hand market, it seems that quite a number of collectors are more interested in the wigs and outfits.

While the catwalk and fashion doll industries are still hot with these girls’ début, now according to FDQ, there would be another 2 AvantGuard to be released soon – namely Androgyny and Aphrodisiac. Contract to the previous feminine disco theme of the 70s, this time JW is trying to play with the Ying & Yong, masculine/feminine dressing.

The masculine dressed AvantGuard (the one in black) does not interest me much. However, as a doll shoes freak, I could not take my eyes off from Aphrodisiac’s red platform skyscraper high heel shoes. The bloody red lips with this red high heel shoes create a great contra to her fluffy light blonde wig and skin tone. Although the fishnet stocking with satin strapped silver jacket looks is so familiar, this Aphrodisiac is definitely one of the bigger girls that on the top of my wish list for 2009.

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