Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dollystyle Convention 2009 in Tokyo

Have you ever wanted to join any doll conventions? I always wanted to join one as it would be experience of once in a life time! However, flying to USA, France or Russia for this purpose would be too costly. So any conventions held in Asia would be more possible to me. In this November of 2009, I would have a chance of such. Dollystyle Convention with the theme REUNION would be held in Tokyo from 21-22 Nov. 09. I wish by that time, Japanese currency would not be as strong as it is now!

Some data of this convention is abstracted as below:

- Dollystyle Convention 2009 (21-22 Nov.)


- FEE: 34,000JPY (about US380) Package included: 1 convention doll - FR Nippon; convention goodies; 1 official dinner; 5 raffle tickets

- Privilege: participant is entitled to buy a "Companion doll (Fashion Royalty) at a special price.

- Venue : Ochanomizu-Hotel Juraku (near by Akihabara, where you can shop for more dolls) Special Rate available by Jan 2009 within Convention Package.

- Capacity: 150

- International Liaison: Denise Travers

Horsman Doll's Mechanical Ball-jointed Doll



Lately, there are many new dolls entered the markets with their own unique characteristics or special functions such as interchangeable parts. I am relatively new to BJD and resin dolls, so I am learning how to handle them day-by-day. Today I learnt another term of BJD called “mechanical BJD” from Angelic Dreamz website.

Mechanical BJD : Most Ball Jointed dolls are strung with elastic, so they tend to spring back, with a mechanical ball joint, there is no stringing and the joints hold their position.”

Hum.. that sounds interesting to me. Could Jason Wu's AvantGuard doll be also called mechanical BJD? Or if the mechanism of it looks like Obitus and Who's the Girl of VOLKS? I am curious to find out how different they are!

According to Angelic Dreamz, Horsman Dolls are introducing 3 basic dolls and 3 dressed sets of "Urban Vita" series : Hot Hot, Edge, and Tosca. Horsman's Director of Art & Design, Dorinda Balanecki, did all of the scuplture herself. Each of these 16” mechanical BJD is designed with 19 points of articulation. Their fee design is named as “Conforming foot design”? Again, I wonder what kind of design is it that allows the doll wearing both flat and heeled shoes. Since they are made with ABS and vinyl, so they have painted eyes and rooted saran hair. The dressed sets are LE200 and priced at US120 each.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two Other Numina Girls are Going to Release Soon! Hur Ray!!!

For Paul’s work lovers and those who wanted Grey but were not able to get one, good news to you all!

The 2nd release of Grey IDEX LE40 is going to be released during the Debut of Doll Party, hosted by Doll Reader Magazine, at IDEX on 31st Jan. 09. Autograph would be signed for the public during the Doll Artist Event. IDEX Grey is priced at US675 plus shipping and handling. It is to be shipped in Feb-Mar. 2009. For the lottery activity details, please refer to Paul’s Dollcis website.

  • On another note by Paul, the debut of Grey’s sister Asher would be sold through his website in April! Isn’t it exciting!!!??? Have your credit card ready, or start selling your lesser wanted stuff like what I am doing!! Good luck, guys!!

    Picture credit: by Paul Pham